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Monday, March 12, 2018

Book Review: Beneath the Surface

I really enjoyed this book by Lynn H. Blackburn! I thought the mystery was well done and the characters very likeable. Leigh was a great main character. I thought she was strong, but she wasn't stubborn about making bad decisions like so many lead female characters are in mystery books (or Hallmark movies!). I liked that she was independent, yet wanted someone else in her life to depend on. 

Ryan Parker was also a great main character. I liked the way he cared for Leigh, the way their relationship developed, and the good friend he was to those around him. His growth throughout the book was interesting, and he was a great addition to the story. All the romance in the book was not my cup of tea, and some of it made me cringe with the corny-ness of it, but it wasn't so overwhelming that it detracted from the story. 

I thought the plot moved along well with good pacing. The side characters were great, even if the good looks of everyone in the book was sort of unbelievable. There wasn't a character I found obnoxious or wish hadn't been written in. I admit that I was guessing for a while who the killer was, and I did not figure it out before the end. The murderer was a little confusing, as I don't remember them being mentioned earlier in the book, and the reason for the murders was a little 'eh', but overall I really enjoyed the book. And I would read more in this series! The preview for the next book that was included was great as well. I recommend this as a good clean mystery. 


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