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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Book Review: Treasured Grace

I am usually a fan of all things Tracie Peterson- love her style. Her story telling usually draws me in and I can't stop reading until I know every detail! Not so with this book, however. I am a fan of historical fiction, but there were several things about this book I did not like. The main character was an issue for me. Something about her grated on my nerves. The way she dealt with men was one reason. She was super defensive, and stubborn. Not that women have to be doormats, but she was challenging authority in a time when she had basically no rights- and it could have ended up very badly for her. I also was not interested in her attraction to Alex. He had his own issues, of course, and I just wasn't compelled to find out what/why.

I was hoping there would be more detail into the medicine part of Grace's "gift"- claiming she was trained as a healer. But it was herbs this, and tincture that, without any real information on how she put things together to treat illness. I find facts within historical fiction interesting, and there weren't many in this book.

I also felt the Native Americans were somewhat like wooden characters. There wasn't a Native American I felt really got to tell their story- not even Sam. The parts when Alex and Sam went to the Native American camp felt awkward to me. Like the author wasn't really comfortable writing about that culture, or didn't know enough about it to go into detail. The relation between the Native Americans and the people at the mission was a central part of the plot, (at least in the beginning) but I felt it was glossed over in the first half of the book. Nothing really developed, just threats of something looking.

I just could not get into the story, and sorry to say I didn't read all the way through. Maybe her next book will be a better fit for me.


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