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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Book Review: The After House, Michael Phillip Cash

There are so many high marks for this book on Amazon that I was really anticipating reading it. However, I am not sure why it was rated so highly. I found the characters to be shallow, two of them jumping in the sack quite quickly after meeting- even after one of them is still recovering from a bad relationship.

The character of Captain Eli is an enigma. When the book flashes back to the 1800s there is no accent to speak of. However, several times later in the book when he addresses the people in his former residence, he is full of either a Scottish or Irish brogue in his voice. I found that distracting and odd.

I also thought it strange that he was the son of farmers, yet he went to the same school as the daughter of a well-known lawyer, and was allowed to marry her, even though he had no means of supporting her. That seemed very out of sync with real history.

Remy's daughter Olivia is also strangely portrayed. The age of six is briefly stated in one sentence, and you assume that is her age. However, when her thoughts are being described, there is no effort to make it sound like a six year old. It sounds like the author in a six year old's mind. Very difficult to decipher. Also her conversations with her other "small faced' friend are not like real children's conversations.

I did not feel sympathy for the protagonist, as I felt she was wimpy and immature. She lets anyone and everyone tell her what to do, and allows a man who she doesn't even know to spend the day/evening in her home after she's been knocked unconscious in an accident.

Also, the relationship with the ex-husband just seemed strange. The custody agreement was really odd, every second weekend and a day during the week? Weird. I was not sure how he was going to play into the story, and found his part contrived and really poorly thought out.

I just did not enjoy this book at all, and found myself rushing through the story just to get to the end. It is in no way a mystery or scary story at all. The cover is very misleading, and I was definitely disappointed. Won't be looking for other books by this author.

Other readers may want to be aware of sexual situations, and swearing. (Which, had I known prior to reading, would not have read!)

I received this book free from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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