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Friday, October 17, 2014

Book Review: At Bluebonnet Lake

At Bluebonnet Lake, a novel by Amanda Cabot, was a book I really wanted to like. 

However, some glaring grammatical errors made me have to re-read several sections to make sure I understood what was going on. There are no dividers between “scenes” in the book, just a new paragraph, and not even an extra return space. An example:
(Greg and Kate are talking about her job, and her quest to become partner in her ad firm.)

'Greg didn't appear impressed. “What happens after you make partner? What the next rung on the ladder?”
Kate flinched. “I don't know.” But she ought to.
Greg yanked the drawer open with more force than necessary, then stared at the socks, as if choosing the right pair would qualify him for an international award.'

See what I mean? It is two separate “scenes” in the book, but no visual segue to let the reader know Kate is no longer there, and it's a different time of day. Very confusing, and it's all through the book. Also, the formatting sometimes makes new paragraphs in the middle of a sentence, and the chapter beginnings are also off.

There is also a very weird glitch where every word that is supposed to have a double f in it has nothing. And often the vowel following the double f is missing as well. Office become oce. Off become o. Very annoying and weird.

And I found it very confusing in the beginning that Kate didn't call Sally some form of “Grandma”. There was a brief sentence stating that after her grandpa died, Sally told her she could drop the title of 'Grandma'. The explanation was so brief that I had to go back a few times and make sure Sally was, indeed, Kate's grandma. Those issues alone almost made me stop reading the book.

Even though the characters are very likeable, the plot seemed to just plod along. There wasn't anything super exciting happening. Yes Sally and Kate were getting involved romantically (very quickly!) with men they had just met, but even that was an unbelievable snooze fest. I am not a fan of romance in the first two days people meet. Attraction, yes. Thoughts of marriage and love? Um, no.

The book would have been much more believable if Roy had been someone from Sally's past that she bumped into, and Kate had met Greg through Roy. I kept waiting for Greg and Kate to become business partners and start fixing up Rainbow's End, but it never happened. I felt this story line was drug out, and perhaps set up to have a sequel that follows the restoration of Rainbow's End.

Also, the Christian aspects were few and far between. There is a weird scene where Kate is in the chapel at the hospital and hears “ominous cackling, like the sound of a Halloween witch but far more menacing.” Really? And when she picks up a Bible the cackling subsides? Not buying it.

I guess this book just wasn't for me. If you like fluffy, unbelievable romance, that's light on the Christian experience then this book may be for you.


  • Amanda Cabot

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review my book. I'm sorry that you found formatting errors in the ARC, but the good news is that the printed and e-book version don't have them.

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