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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Homemade Christmas Decorations

Here in Chipata, sure, you can find Christmas decorations. Most of them are made in China, and aren't very nice, even if they have a hefty price tag. (Which isn't most of them, but some.) So the girls and I decided to make our own ornaments and decorations this year.

That wasn't a real big stretch for us, however, as we do enjoy a craft.

Or two.


So I thought I would just post some pics of what we've made so far. Christmas is a week away, I realize, so more decorations may not happen. And that's ok. We have to ease into this decorating in Zambia thing.

Enough with the chatting. Here's the stuff...

 Cute ice skates made of felt and paper clips.

 Beaded icicles from a kit.
(Along with paper dolls in the background from Kat.)

 These cool felt ornaments. 
 This one with beads. Fancy!

 More felt! Love that blanket stitch!

 Now for the trees on the tree...beaded...
Ric-Rac-ed. If that's a word.
(This may the worst picture I've ever taken.)

 Finger crocheted candy cane garland. For our tiny tree.

Paper snowflakes that will hang from the ceiling.

Felt circle garland that will also hang from the ceiling.

(And yes I realize these are not quite Christmas colors...I went with what I have, ok?)

And I won't be hanging all the Christmas colors together, either. Promise.

 Our Christmas corner in the lounge.

I didn't think you could handle a view of our entire tree at once. And is it possible that the staggered stockings take away from the fact that the top of our tree leans just an eensy bit?


Maybe if you squint one eye. 

And hold your breath.

While reciting the Preamble to the Constitution.

Or not.

Perhaps we could sell tickets to view the Leaning Tree of Chipata?

Or not.

And for those of you who are gluttons for punishment, here is the full view of our tree:

Go get your craft on.


  • Sonja Volkmar

    LOVE. IT! You are the crafting queen--love that you are adding homemade touches to celebrate your 1st Christmas in Zambia. I think of you as I stand at the double boiler, dipping the cake balls & sprinkling them with colored sugar since I can't do the sqiggle-decoration thing without you! Hope to catch you on Facetime over break!

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