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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Glimpse of the Future

Have you ever taken a photo of your child(ren), and they look so much older than their years? Does it freak you out a little to see them as a teenager when they're only nine or so? I must admit this has happened to me several times. It's like I get a tiny glimpse into what they might look like as they mature and grow closer to adulthood. Then all sorts of things pop into my mind and I start thinking about their college years, what they will choose to do with their lives, where they will live, who they will marry....

And then things really spiral out of control and I start trying to visualize my grandchildren.

When I realize the child is still a child, then my thoughts go the other way. Especially where the oldest is concerned: "Seriously?!? I have an ELEVEN year old? How have I had her for so long?!? I only have seven years left to teach her everything she needs to know! IT'S NOT ENOUGH TIME!!!"

And then I go take a nap.

Seriously, how have I had a child for eleven years? That is a long time. A third of my life! (Ok, a little less than a third, but barely.) I still have a hard time seeing myself as an adult, and I have a child who is almost a teenager!

There must be a rip in the space-time continuum. How else is this possible?

One thing I do love about my children getting older is that they are so stinking funny. Honestly, our middle daughter comes up with things that make me laugh out loud. She is witty! Her jokes have thought behind them. And sometimes it takes me a minute for it to sink in. (Not like the youngest who is pretty much just a sight gag kinda gal. Well, she is also the one who is funny by accident.)

I love seeing them take on more responsibility, developing real friendships with each other, trusting me with their issues, having great talks about what the Bible says about anything and everything, learning that not everyone fits into the mold we've made for our own family...it's a sweet time of life right now with them. I pray that we will always have this kind of open relationship.

Does anyone else's brain work like that? I think only a woman can run the gamut of being concerned for the future and nostalgic all in a span of forty seconds or so. But I am thankful for these little glimpses into the future. If for no other reason than they allow me to evaluate myself, and how I've done with raising my girls. Hopefully they'll be successful humans.

If all else fails, at least one of them could be a comedian. Or a stunt man. So that's something, right?


  • Brenda

    Yep!! been there, done that!! made me think of Tim Hawkins making fun of men only being able to think about one thing at a time. "Honey, can you come watch the kids for about an hour? I'm trying to make TOAST!"

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