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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gotta Love Technology!

The first time the hubby and I went to the movies together, we were not yet married. That was the last time we went, until just last week. We had heard over and over what a great movie The Avengers was, and decided for our anniversary, we would try to find a theater with open captions that was showing it.

On the internet, it said our local theater had "closed captioning" available. I was not sure what this meant, so I called. The man on the phone was very nice and told me they indeed did have closed captioning. They have devices that look like glasses, and project the captions onto the lenses of the glasses, so no one else sees the captioning.

I had never heard of this before, and so of course the first thing out of my mouth was "No way! You've gotta be lying. I have never heard of this. Seriously?"

He started laughing and said that yes, indeed it was really great, and really real.

So we went! We brought the girls with us (some of it was pretty scary, but the matinee time frame helped. I don't recommend it for children younger than 8, or kids who are scared pretty easily.) and had a great time as a family!!

The thing I liked most was that it was discreet, so the hubby just slid right in his seat, and only put on the "glasses" when the movie started. Here's a pic:

They look sort of weird from the front, but I promise they aren't that big. The only complaint he had was moving his head to watch the action also resulted in the captions moving. He just had to get used to it. I am so thankful for this new technology that allows Deaf people to enjoy the movies easier! Now, if theaters will carry more than ten pairs at once, even opening weekend movies won't be a problem!! 

So. Much. Fun.

And, today is our "practice packing" to see where we're at in regards to filling all our suitcases. We took a break from lunch (I am really the only one who's packed anything yet) and I need to get back at it. This break has been a little longer than anticipated. Mainly because I was looking for international shipping companies, haha. I guess wishful thinking that everything will fit in ten suitcases is not holding out. But, we aren't filled up yet. Off to finish up! 

Hope you're having a GREAT day!


  • Brenda

    OK that is pretty cool!!! Yay for going to the movies together as a family!

  • karly

    How cool is that?! Ha, we don't go to movies much, either! So glad you all had fun!

  • Herding Grasshoppers

    Wow! So where are the subtitles projected from?

    If they're projected onto the glasses, are your eyes trying to focus up close (on the words) and then far away (on the screen) at the same time? Or does it somehow appear that the words are on the screen?

    How cool: :D We all scrambled to get to an open-captioned showing (which only worked because we homeschool and were free during the day... sooooo accessible *eyes roll), but how awesome that the closed captioning could be available at every showing.

    Julie (the other Julie ;D )

  • jennifer anderson

    movies. good deal!

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