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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Are you there, Blog? It's Me, JulieMom...

Hey, did you know it was already November? Yeah, I thought you did. It sorta snuck up on me.

Why the lack of blogging? Well, Facebook has taken over my life. Not literally. I do have some self-restraint, but more people check my updates there than would ever even click a simple link to come here. Sad, isn't it? But I am going to try and do better, because some people don't even HAVE Facebook....do you know anyone like that?

Anyway, here are just a few brief updates for you until I get back into the swing of things:

-My children are growing up. [boo! hiss!]

-Some ministry changes are coming in our future. [scary! exciting!]

-My middle daughter has Hashimoto's Disease. It's a thyroid condition (hypothyroidism) that slows her growth rate, and metabolism. The good news is it's possible she can outgrow it by the time adolescence is done. Right now she takes 100 mcg daily of levothyroxin. This has given her normal levels. She has grown! And thinned out a lot! Praise the Lord for good medical care!

-I am working on recording a CD of worship and praise songs I have written. I feel weird saying that out loud on the blog! [pretend I didn't tell you, ok?]

-My dad retired to WV and I am not really too sad about not spending much time in my hometown. My heart is somewhere else now. [It followed my Dad to WV]

-PollyDoodle Designs will be doing a craft show in November. Please pray I would do well, as the money will go toward our tickets back to Africa. I may post pics here of some of the items.

-I am crafting in the evenings while catching up with Biggest Loser online. It's been challenging me to work out, and I have walked three out of four days this week so far! [with incline!]

-The few grey hairs I have plucked from the center of my part are now trying to grow out my chin.

That's about it for now. I have some post ideas I'd like to share. Maybe a couple tutorials for items you might want to give others for Christmas.

It feels pretty good to be back.


  • Brenda

    wow--august to november! i am your facebook friend and i actually did not know all that about you... so, there is a place for this blog!

  • JulieMom

    Thanks Brenda! I'll try to blog a couple times a week. Not sure I'll fulfill that goal, but I might get chatty- who knows? :0)

  • karly

    Get chatty, get chatty! I loved hearing all that about you-- and sharing about your cd is way cool! :) Welcome back, my friend!!

  • WendyMom

    Those grey hairs are sneaky little demons. I swear they are in there, coiled and spring loaded-- because they appear on my chin literally overnight-- and they are always about 1 inch long!

    ~~la-la-la-- no grey chin hairs--BAM! Here I am, in all my springy glory!

    (Not that I speak from personal experience, mind you!)

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