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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weight Watchers

I promise you I am not a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. They are not paying me to say any of the things I will say here, although it would be nice if they'd offer...

Recently the hubby and I decided that since (seriously) 98.645% of the people we know are on Weight Watchers, and we've seen them shrinking, we would join too. But we didn't want the hassle (and probable embarrassment) of going to meetings and actually weighing in with other people.

It's disturbing, really if you think about it.

And I'm sure quite humbling.

Especially if you can't get your act together, and you weigh the same weight for a month of Sundays, and everyone already knows what your weight will be before you step on the scale, and some people are taking bets as you walk toward it, and others are thinking 'Why does she even come here if she's not going to follow the program?' and you try to duck your head in shame, but since there's nowhere to hide, you stick your hand in your pocket and get strength from the snack pack you put there, and go sit down.

At least that's how I imagine it would be for me.

But since we've started WW, which has been three weeks ago now, I really feel like I am in control of how much I eat. Yes, they decided what point value was good for me, and yes, I use their calculator to figure out how many points I get every day, but I am telling you, I had no idea what a portion size was before doing this.

I had no idea how many of something I was eating until I started counting points. Before I joined WW I really thought it would be a hassle. All that weighing food and counting, blah blah blah...I really didn't want 'one more thing' to have to manage.

But I only joined online, and it has been really easy. Lots of recipe ideas, a recipe builder where you can plug in your own family favorites and get the points values per serving, and a calculator where you can get the points for any food with nutritional info posted on it. AND they give you tips on how to make your own recipes "skinny". So cool.

I have lost almost nine pounds, and I haven't even been exercising consistently. Yet. I'm working on that. The batteries for the Wii Fit are charging as we speak. But I would say this life change was totally needed, and is such a help to me.

I'm sold. And I'm convinced this will be how I do things for the rest of my days. I may not need the online part of it after a while, but right now it's given me the confidence I need to get control of the food in my life.

If you're new to Weight Watchers, or you don't even do it but are looking for healthy recipes, then I will try and help you. I have several recipes I've made up, and am thinking about posting them here as I test them out. Sometimes you just have to figure things out by trial and error.

So, is anyone interested in low-fat, healthy recipes that are weight watchers friendly? Don't get me wrong, I'll be posting them anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter if you're interested or not.

I just like you to feel involved around here.


  • Brenda

    100 years ago or so when WW was totally different my mom joined online and piggybacked her joining by just copying whatever she did and I lost 10 pounds in just about a month. It was crazy. Great job!!

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