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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My Newest Obsession

I have always envisioned myself sitting in front of the fireplace, a perfectly dainty cup of coffee or hot tea on a small side table next to me, possibly a couple of those Milano cookies there as well, classical music in the background, and a lovely new embroidery project on my lap. In this vision, I sit for many hours, contentedly stitching until it is finished.

There a just a few problems with this vision. Namely:

I don't have a fireplace.

I don't like coffee or tea.

I don't have a stereo.

I never learned how to embroider.

I have children. (So that negates the many hours of sitting part.)

However, there has always been this sort of distant longing inside me to create through embroidery. (Though I have never been a fan of cross-stitch as a decorative accessory.) I'm not into creating stitched landscapes to cover the walls of my home. I don't want to make Christmas ornaments out of plastic canvas to give away. It's just not me. (Although my mother was very good at it.)

I am more of a 'make something cute we'll actually use' kind of person. Such as embroidered pillows, or curtains, or clothing, or hair ties. Practical things that will not gather dust from hanging up, and be impossible to clean.

Recently I have been determined to learn how to embroider. I find the cutest things on the internet that other people have made, and I think: 'I could do that! How did they...?'

And so began a search for online tutorials, handmade projects, videos, etc.

And these are the firstfruits of my labor:

They are hair doo-dads. There is a loop of thread on the back (quite a sturdy one, mind you) that can accommodate a pony tail (looped like we all used to wear our jelly bracelets), a clip, or be slid onto a headband. And I must say they are pretty cute. I think you can tell which are my first try, and which were the last ones.

It's all about improving anyway, right?

I am in love with making these. The possibilities are endless. There are other designs I want to try. Other color combinations to put together. Other stitches to master. (Like trying to get blanket stitch to go right on a corner, eish!)

And my girls watch me and say "Mom, we want to sew something now." So I am slowly gathering the courage to teach them how. Once I have the stitches down without having to look at directions, I will proceed with small projects they can make.

Like felt bracelets with embroidered do-dads sewn on them.
More hair ties. (Can you really have too many?)
Felt pins.
Getting funky and adding in beads!


And if you are wanting to learn to embroider yourself, there is an excellent video series on YouTube called Freestyle Embroidery. I love their videos. There isn't any audio commentary, but by watching them do the same stitch for a good two or three minutes, I can really pick up the gist and do it on my own.

Another good reference for internet instruction is Stitch School. Very clear instructions, and a L-O-N-G list of stitches in the sidebar to keep you busy. Very sweet site.

Sorry, where was I? Distracted by the stitches over there. Seriously good instructions!

There are two books I recently ordered from the internet, and they are both by Aimee Ray. Here is a link to her books (though I bought mine through Barnes and Noble). Her embroidery designs are super cute, although her art is definitely 'fantasy' and not really my taste. Can't wait to get the embroidery books!

Have you taken up any new hobbies? Do you have any suggestions for me where I might find more inspiration? I am always looking for new ideas, seeing as how I only started embroidering three days ago.

Get your craft on!


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