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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Zipper Bag and Some Other Stuff

Well, remember last week when I told you a friend was going to teach me to sew zippers? Well, she is a great teacher, and it ended up being much easier than I anticipated. Let me show you what we sewed:

The lovely zipper pouch!!
Front View
Perfectly functional zipper.

This is the pattern we used (which is more like a web tutorial- no actual pattern pieces) and we made the small one. It is so easy and so cute!!

It took no time at all, and there are so many ways you could switch it up to make them cute! I have decided to sew one of these for each of the girls coming to Book Worm's birthday party on Thursday. I emailed all the moms and asked what their daughter's favorite color was, so I can make one according to that.

The friend who taught me to sew the zippers also sent me home with a PILE-O-QUILT-SCRAPS, that were the perfect size to cut into strips for these bags. I am a little excited about this party. Maybe a little too excited.

There will be a post coming in the near future all about the plans for this party, and where I got the ideas. But just for a little preview, this link has given me TONS of inspiration. Is she not amazing?!?

There are lots of ways a princess party could go, and we have gone the girliest of the girly routes. I am so happy we can have a party for her here with all her friends, and that everyone can actually come!! And that we are doing cupcakes this time instead of a big huge cake. That is much more lady-like and fancy looking. Especially since WendyMom has a cupcake stand!

I am going to design some clothes for those little cuties...posting more later...good night!


  • karly

    I love my cupcake stands!! My kids will never get a cake again! Well, maybe not never, but maybe so! :)

    LOVE the zipper bag! So cute! Can't wait to see the details of the party! Happy Birthday, Book Worm! :)

  • Just Jenny

    looks like a great job with the zipper and bag ♥

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