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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Upcoming Princess Party

Book Worm is turning ten on the 20th of this month. As in, a week from tomorrow. I am hosting a party that will include eight little girls, in princess gear, wanting to have fun and be entertained for a few hours.

Could I enlist your creative juices my friends? I have several ideas, I just need help in either paring them down, or getting better ones.

So, please give me your best ideas for a princess party (nothing is dumb! all ideas are welcome!) including games, food, activities, decorations...I think that's everything. And the party is one day before I leave for the Ladies' Retreat. And the theme there is 'Once Upon A Time'...oh how interesting!!

Whaddya say? Can you help me?


  • Jennifer

    I have a friend who actually performs as a Disney princess at birthday parties. You may not be able to find such a service near you that's affordable but what about finding a lovely young woman at church who also can sing well! Offer to help her rent/create a costume and then give her a gift card somewhere for coming! I think every little girl, especially a ten year old birthday girl would love to meet a real live princess!

  • Four Little Penguins

    We just had a Princess Party for my 4 year old, so yeah, a slightly different focus crowd, but the games we played were...
    Pass the Crown (think Hot Potato) which could also be Pass the Wand
    Princess Commands (Simon Says)
    Draw a Princess Race... I divided the kids into two teams, gave them each a dry erase board and marker (but pen and paper could be used just as easily) and each person drew a part of the princess (body, facial features, arms, legs, crown, wand, etc. I just made sure I had enough parts so everyone got two turns) and the first team to finish won! It was fun.
    We didn't do decorations or snacks. But maybe I've been a little helpful!

  • Brenda

    Go to www.designdazzle.com I searched it for you but there was too much there. Maybe it'll inspire you!

  • impromptu-mom

    We did a "Pass Cinderella's Glass Slipper" version of hot potato at Sydd's 5th. I found a lonely old unmatched clear plastic dress-up shoe in her costume box and we jazzed it up with plastic jewels and glitter.

    We also played "Save Snow White". I had a bowl full of apples and one of them had a teeny tiny sticker at the bottom. Each girl had to choose an apple and hold it without looking until they were all chosen. They flipped them over together and whoever found the "poisoned" one saved Snow White and won a prize. Very easy and suprisingly suspenseful and fun!

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