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Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Talk of A Lifetime...

So it's been almost a month since I've blogged. Why? Well, various reasons, I suppose. Mostly because I have been crazy busy, we've travelled a lot, and there hasn't been much to say except: 'Yes, I'm doing laundry again so I can pack it all up again so we can travel again so I can come home and do laundry again...' and I think you get the idea of how boring that would be.

I am here now because I have something to confess: I am not a perfect mom.

What's that? You already knew I wasn't a perfect mom? Well, then. Let's move on, shall we?

I'm getting to the point, which is that I recently had the big s*x talk with my children. That's right. You read it correctly. And it all happened because I didn't check carefully which books my children took from the library. In the children's section was a book with a drawing on the front of a group of children around a very pregnant woman. They all looked happy and smiling, and so of course my seven year old was attracted to it. And the title 'It's SO Amazing!' didn't help matters.

She didn't notice the sub-heading which was "How eggs and sperm meet to make babies" or something equally inappropriate for seven year olds. Just thinking of sperm and my seven year old in the same thought makes me sick. Ya know?

So, it ended up in our home without my knowledge. I cannot tell you how, since I helped hand all the books to the librarian for check out. Totally slipped under my radar. My two oldest ended up looking through it, got grossed out, and brought it to me telling me I shouldn't have gotten it from the library because it had bad things in it.

[clearing throat and hanging head]

I didn't visibly freak out, but inside I was kicking myself and wondering how in the world this happened. Many of you probably know this talk was looming over me for a long time now, because of the culture in which we minister. Now God totally allowed it to be dumped in my lap, and I wasn't ready. At. All.

I wanted to have a whole power point ready with notes and verses, and everything. But I wasn't that prepared. It had actually just been a niggling thought that I ought to put something together about it. So I sent messages to trusted Facebook friends and asked their advice and prayers. And pray they did!

God totally gave me a logical and open approach to help them understand God's plan, their own bodies, the process of how babies are made, and how wonderful a gift it is that we, as women, get to have babies grow inside us.

There was much laughing and questions, and a little embarrassment, but it was GREAT. Seriously, I don't think it could have gone any better. Unless, of course, the book had never been a part of it, and I had been on the ball. But for the circumstances, it was GREAT.

And just to clarify, there was nothing pornographic in the book, and the only thing they saw that was gross was a "puberty chart" of babies to adulthood. I agree...it's not the most attractive thing to look at.

If you are a mom of girls who is struggling with how to approach the whole s*x talk thing, you can email me, and I will be happy send to you what the Lord gave me! The book was helpful in some ways, because it showed diagrams of their inside parts, and explained things scientifically. But most of our talk came from the Bible and God's plan for women, and families.

I hope it's a resource that can help someone. I don't remember my mom ever having a talk with me that explained things in a clear way. I do remember a friend coming over with a book titled "What's Happening to My Body" that not only explained girl parts, but gave boy parts and slang words for those parts. Oh my- bad idea for pre-teen girls. I prefer my method, lol.

So, if you've had 'the talk' with your kids, let us know how it went!


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