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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Princess Birthday Party

Book Worm turned ten last Thursday, and wanted a princess theme. If you recall (or if you were even paying attention) I asked for some advice on things to do/make/eat. Thank you for all your ideas! The party was a complete success, and the sisters have been asking now 'How many days until my birthday Mama?' Ahhh...that's how you know a party is successful!

This was the menu: Cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches (with garlic and dill), Egg salad sandwiches, cheese cubes, strawberries, strawberry cream cheese cracker sandwiches, baby carrots, heart-shaped pasta with tomatoes and cucumbers. Dessert was cake and cupcakes, with ice cream pre-scooped into cupcake papers and frozen that way. Drinks were ginger ale and juice.

I bought a blue cardboard display thingy and made a construction paper castle on it, with little trees and clouds. Each girl had her picture taken in front of it, and then we did a group picture. It was also the backdrop for when Book Worm opened her presents. It was cheap and easy! (Sounds like my college roommate...ahem...)

Each girl also received a bag like the little one I made the other day, in their favorite color, with a little dolly to match it, a fancy straw, a little princess purse notebook (found in the 50 cent section at party city), and a place to put their candy from the pinata.

Yes, we spent a little money on this party, but the material for all the bags was given to me, as was the embroidery thread for the dollies, and everything else didn't cost that much. Because I was rushed in getting everything ready, I used store bought frosting. EW!!! I haven't tasted that in a LONG time, and even adding some butter and vanilla didn't fix it. So, note to self: when in a rush, TAKE THE TIME TO MAKE YOUR OWN BUTTERCREAM!!

If you're gonna eat sugar, it better taste good. That's all I'm sayin'. Make it worth the calories!

Here are some photos, and of course, commentary. These are in no particular order, as I struggled with getting them on here at all, can't log in to my old Flikr account, and had to make a whole new one. Please enjoy.

A picture mostly of the decorations

Here are the Crown and Glass Slipper cookies

The cake (for candle purposes) and cupcakes

Table Decorations

Girls enjoying their cupcakes and ice cream

Making the crown craft

'Get the ball in the cup' Game

Girlie version of a pinata (opens with a ribbon pull)

She was surprised, I think

All the princesses together

The food

Place Setting for each girl

Close up of the dollies

Close up of the cupcakes


  • tree

    Oh my goodness! What a fabulous party! Everything looks so beautiful, and the cookies and cupcakes...yum! Your bendy dolls turned out great! Thank you for linking to my tutorial! :) Awesome party!

  • JulieMom

    Thank you!! The girls helped make the dollies, and theirs weren't as tightly wrapped, but we fixed them with glue. Any more hints as to how to make them stand upright on their own? That would be awesome. :0)

    Thanks for stopping by!

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