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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Hey, It's the Middle of the Night!

I am up with a puking child. It's been quite a long time since we've had any sort of sickness at all around here, so the pukes wouldn't be my first choice for getting us back into the swing of things. But it is what it is. My poor little Love Bear woke up puking in her bed. Now you know I have to send you to the link of the song I wrote to the tune of Gilligan's Island about a puking child, right? (I know, let's get it overwith already!)

Now that we all have that out of our system (but lodged in our brains for the next year or so), we can move onto other interesting topics. Such as:

How can husbands really not notice that wife has left the bed and not returned?

Seriously, how is that possible? If J-Man leaves our bed and doesn't come back, I get a little concerned. I get up after a while and go looking for him. I can't sleep very well knowing he left and hasn't made it back. Am I the only one who does this?

It's almost four in the morning here. Poor Love Bear wanted to sleep with me (NO WAY!) but unfortunately our bed is too small for that. So she is on the couch all cozied up with blankets, and I am in the recliner that no longer reclines, so I am sitting straight up. No worries though, I can just pretend I'm on an overseas flight and got stuck seated in front of a very tall person.

I wonder if this flight has a doctor or nurse on board who can check on Love Bear. You know, just in case I nod off or something.

Am I tired? I can't tell. One thing is for sure- Love Bear gets the day off school. And for this she will rejoice, even though it means she can't do Wii Fit in the morning like she planned. And that was the very first thing out of her mouth after I wiped the puke off it: "Do I still get to do Wii in the morning? I haven't made my person on that yet."

And I felt bad that I had to say "No, Honey. Not in the morning. Maybe the next day if you feel better."

The one good thing? We hit the library earlier today and we are all loaded up with books. And I made sure none of them have s*x in them, either!

So I think a fair amount of snuggling is to be had, and reading together. The other two just might feign illness to get some time with Mom too. If it weren't right after the holidays, I just might give everyone the day off school...


  • karly

    Oh poor baby! I hate it when my kiddos are sick.... :( and, unfortunately, you are in good company. My 16 month old is sick too. And she doesn't use a bucket yet. Lots of laundry today. :(

    Praying your sweet girl gets well very soon!!

    And yeah, I know! I can be away from bed for hours with the baby and my husband never notices. Once his head hits the pillow, he doesn't notice anything until morning! :)

  • Brenda

    Well, in defense of J-Man, S can NOT EVEN COME TO BED and it can be the middle of the night before I notice.

    I sleep pretty good.

    I had never read your song about puke. That was pretty good there! Especially for 4AM!! :)

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