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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Felt Glorious Felt!!

Ok, I am now seriously needing to get crafty. I have been in the States too long to not have sewn one. single. thing. I'm a bit twitchy and itchy. I didn't even make anything for Christmas this year! All the gifts were store-bought, so I didn't get to fulfill any crafty notions.

Now, my girls still love dolls. They love little things (think Littlest Pet Shop stuff) and they love to use their imaginations. So, I thought I would make for them a dollhouse or two from these patterns:

Umecrafts' Dollhouse which I bought but seems to have been the last one...

Little Furniture Here:

Good gravy there are a lot of thing on the 'net for making a dollhouse! Have you ever done this before? Any tips you can give me? I don't want wood, because I want to take it back to SA with us in the fall. Any tips, suggestions, and help are welcome!! Especially what kind of dolls should go with a house...


  • Brenda

    look at "the year of the dollhouse" blog. you can decorate shoeboxes quite easily for rooms when you get to s.a. for now the rooms could be "open concept" ha! or in a bookshelf.

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