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Monday, August 09, 2010

Eight Days Left

Things have been crazy around here. There is so much to do it's ridiculous, really. I was thinking about it the other day, and it's not like when you just move to a new house- where you can set up everything right away, so it doesn't really matter how it gets packed, just that thing don't get left behind. When you're going to store things for a year, how they're packed is essentially what you're most concerned with.

Love Bear has not been happy as of late. She is the most sentimental of all the girlies, and wants to keep everything. She is trying to stuff all her stuffed animals into her carry on (the tote bag I made her) and while it is ENORMOUS, there is no way she will be able to walk carrying it. And that's kind of a requirement: that your bag doesn't cripple you on the way to the plane.

But she has been lamenting the fact that she has to leave things behind. In storage. Where no one will play with them for a whole year. And what if they get lonely Mom? What if they get scared in the dark? Who will love them?

[feels the tears welling up] Well honey...

[tough love to self] Ok, just stop it already. They're just toys. Not real. Get a grip JulieMom!

But it's an emotional time, you know?

I can easily compare it to coming here in the first place:

There is some tension, hoping you'll get everything done in time and you won't forget anything. There are lists to go over again and again. There are items to sort through, keeping only the necessities. There are feelings of apprehension and excitement, wondering what you'll be facing when you finally arrive. There are prayers going up for safe travel, peace, and health.

And as much as I thought the excitement of coming 'home' would overshadow any feelings I had toward South Africa, I am finding myself teary-eyed when I think we only have one more Sunday left with our church people. Only one more Sunday to impart to them the wisdom of the Lord. Only one more Sunday to laugh together, talk, tease, and hug.

Only one more Sunday.

And then I start wondering what will happen to this little band of people who have come together and become a family because of Jesus. Have we done everything we could to ground them in God's Word? I wonder if they will remain faithful. Will they give up when things get hard? Who will encourage them to run their race with patience?

They will truly be in God's hands.

We know leaving is part of missionary life. Friends you make on either side of the world will eventually get left behind, at least for a while. There will inevitably be casualties to the Devil in the church.

We are depending on the Lord to keep His hands on them. We are praying without ceasing for these precious people whom we love, and hope to see again when we come back. They are His people and the sheep of His pasture, after all.

It's just that leaving is so hard.



  • WendyMom

    I am sorry my friend. I can't even imagine how hard it is for you guys. In all our excitement here for you to come, I had forgotten about how hard it is for you to leave. I love you and will pray for your girlies today and in the coming days.

  • karly

    Oh wow. I can't imagine. Blessings to you during all this change. Praying the Lord will give you want you need to leave-- and arrive. :)

  • Suzanne - Daughter of the King

    As I read what you wrote regarding the body of believers in SA - I thought about how Paul must have felt as he left those He had been sent to minister to and build up in the Lord. But I am assured by His writings that He continued to pray for them and write to them words of encouragement as the Holy Spirit led. I pray that the Lord will meet you each as you take this time and that He will keep all of His children, especially those He has used you each to build up in SA. God bless you. Praying that you feel His peace and restoration wash over your lives!

  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    Poor Love Bear...

    And blessings to your family for crossing the globe for the sake of the gospel.

  • Janice

    I can so relate to the feelings you are having, and we haven't even left for the field yet!

    I will pray for the little missies, and also for you. I sometimes get to feeling like I am somehow the problem because I know God has called us to this venture, so He must be able to equip me to impart just the perfect things to the kids so they never feel sad about it all... you know I am being sarcastic here, but I still feel like it! Anyhow, I truly believe God is faithful even in salving her fears, and you can tell her God will hold them for her! Excited to see you all!

  • Rhonda in Chile

    I know the feeling. We have three weeks left. We are overly excited, not too much sadness.

    Are you still going to Greece?

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