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Monday, August 02, 2010

Cowgirl Birthday Cake for Love Bear

When I asked Love Bear what theme she wanted for her birthday, she was hesitant. Hmmm...ballerina or cowgirl? Cowgirl or ballerina?


Cowgirl won out, and I am SO glad. What a cute theme! There is SO MUCH you can do with it. And it's much easier for mom to make clothes for a cowgirl than a ballerina. And easier for others to come to the party dressed up too. (If they so choose...)

The cake I did for the first time with fondant. I bought some from the cake shop we frequent. Red fondant. In my mind I imagined making a smaller layer at the top of the cake and wrapping the fondant around the edge to make a handkerchief. The bottom I planned to make a fence and sky, then more cowgirl things above like cactuses (cacti if you want to be technical), and horses.

It worked out way better than I anticipated. Which is rare. And it didn't even have the trademark JulieMom lean. Go me!

Here are the pictures of the cake, and from the party. Happy 7th birthday to Love Bear!!!

Ah, typical cowgirl pose.

Posing again. For mom's sake.

Gotcha ya yellow-bellied crook!

Posing for the camera with the flaming cake.


Mom and Love Bear

So, are ya gonna come peacefully, or do I hafta rough ya up?

Blow Love Bear, blow!

Yep, it was a real cake.


  • karly

    Happy Birthday, Love Bear!

    WOW, that cake is amazing!! Our oldest turns 7 at the beginning of September and I'm just trying to figure out what to do with her theme: pink poodles. Can you believe they have NOTHING like that at the craft stores? No stickers, no paper, nothing? (Sorry to hijack your post...) :)

    What a cute theme! Way to go, JulieMom!

  • Erin

    We like the gun the most!!! Happy Birthday Sia!!!!!!

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