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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tote Bags- CHECK!

Well, the tote bags are finally done! I was going to make a tutorial with the last one, but I forgot. Sorry! All of us decided to make initial tote bags. Well, except for Love Bear. She didn't want to sew hers, so I decided to make it a cowgirl bag to go with the theme of her birthday party coming up on Monday.

I sewed her bag today while she was out with Daddy, so I didn't have the time to take pictures and write instructions, etc. Maybe another time. I'm sure I'll be making something similar again.

Here are the photos: But first, some commentary. (Don't roll your eyes. It isn't polite.)

Book Worm sewed almost her whole bag herself. The only parts I did were to sew around the initial the second time and cut it out for her. She did all the straps and everything else. Pretty impressive for a nine year old.

Artsy Sis has an eye for color for sure. She did sew the basic parts of the bag, but got tired of doing it, so I took over and finished it up. She jumped in here and there to help, so mostly it is her own work. Not bad for eight years old!

My bag was done by me. And my sewing on the initial is sloppy. Go ahead and look. And judge. Really, I don't mind.

Then here is Love Bear's bag. Honestly, it's my favorite. She is going to be so surprised, and will love it! I can't wait to show her on Monday.
I'm also trying something new with her cake, so we'll see how that turns out. I hope it goes well. You know I'll post pics...watch for them. And enjoy your weekend!


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