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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So Learn Your Lesson Already!

Have you ever felt like God was trying to teach you something? I mean really teach you something. Not just a 'you better be nice' kind of deal, but letting events happen in your life that obviously are pointing at something, and they just keep happening- so you better pay attention?

Me neither.

Just kidding!

I haven't blogged in a week because my family was going on 'vacation' to see our friends in the North West. I have the 'vacation' in quotes like that because it was actually us bringing books for storage to our friends' house. The first steps toward cleaning out our house to go back to the States! And we were staying a week to go to the nature reserve and have a braai, etc.

Oh the well-laid plans of mice and men...

Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. [name the movie]

And if you know me, you know I can't sum up. I'm too long-winded for that.

A few weeks ago a drunk man hit the gate and wall at our missionary friend's church. They are in the States for their daughter's wedding, and a short visit. (Two months total) So we are the go-to people when something happens there. The Deaf students let us know what happened, and we went to check it out. (This was during our dinner, and Sunday is a LONG day for us [we start at 8:30AM leaving our house and finish church around 2 or 2:30], so we were already tired. I was hoping to go home to my jammies, lol.)

We get to the church, and right there on the ground amid all the broken bricks and the gate, is the license plate of the guy who did it. I pick it up and hide it in our car so he can't come back and get it, then deny it was him. Not ten minutes later the guy shows up, stinking BAD with alcohol and some slurred story about being hijacked, etc. I tell him we've called the police, and would he please come back to tell them the story.

So we wait. And wait. And wait for the police to come. Finally after an hour and a half they show up. Now, in the meantime a woman has also come and said she was the driver, and the man was the passenger. Our witnesses all say it was the man driving and he was alone. I am thinking they are (obviously) trying to avoid a drunken driving charge, so they are lying.

The police, the people we look to for help in time of trouble, ask if anyone was hurt. When we answer no, they tell us there is nothing they can do. They can't open a report because no one was hurt. They don't question our witnesses. They don't ask anyone anything.

They do however tell me that they are almost off shift. That it would be a big hassle to bring the man into the station to test his blood (guess they never heard of breathalizers) and we would end up having to go to court. They also tell us "to make this easy for everyone" we should just make an agreement between us and the drunk guy that he will fix the wall and gate.

Wait. I'm supposed to take the word of a drunk liar that he will do what he says he will do? And it's okay that these people are lying, and have severely damaged our property? That's not a crime? And you, as policemen, cannot be witnesses of the 'agreement'?

Thanks a lot.

And guess what? They were supposed to fix it by Friday, and they did not. Then it was Tuesday, and they have not. It is still not fixed two weeks later, and I have no idea what to do about it. The police were so helpful. Protecting the criminals because it's 'easy for everyone'.

That's not all...

There was a problem with the municipality where this church is located, meaning they never sent an electric bill. So it didn't get paid. On Wednesday when were going to have service, the lights wouldn't come on. One of the students takes a paper out of the cabinet and hands it to J-Man. On the front in big red letters are the words FINAL NOTICE. Oh boy, here we go again.

It was dated for a week prior, so it sat in a cupboard for a week. We could have let our friend know and taken care of it immediately. Now it is too late, because in the mailbox there is now a DISCONNECTION NOTICE.

Oh. My. Goodness!

These are only payable at the rates hall. Not online. Not by check.


Which means J-Man now has to give up his very first day after teaching his last class, and wait in line to pay the bill.

Don't you love it when people are irresponsible?

Oh the fun never ends...

Then, the first day of our 'vacation', we are five minutes from our destination when we receive a call that our friend's house (the ones out of country) has been broken into and something was stolen. WHAT?!? You must be joking. Right? RIGHT?!?

Seriously, am I being Punk'd?

Nope. So J-Man and the husband of our friends we're staying with drive the two hours back home to fix it. They worked until after midnight and got everything all situated. The best they could anyway. I, meanwhile, spent hours on the phone with our friend in the States, trying to figure out why the alarm company failed to respond, help with insurance estimates, etc. and just setting up who will stay in the house. The girls staying there before were now too scared. I don't blame them!

So J-man arrives at our 'vacation' in the late afternoon of the second day. The day we were supposed to have our nature reserve and braai. He is exhausted. The next few days are spent trying to get someone (through sms- not easy with the Deaf!) to stay at the house, and finally by Thursday everything is all set.

Friday we are all packed up to leave, and I break our car key off in the boot (trunk). How can this be happening?!? So the men get it removed, have a new key made, and we head home. Well, almost. We go back to our friend's house and spend a couple hours trying to get the alarm system to work.

Then we do some quick food shopping, eat quickly, and go to BED.

So, whoever is supposed to learn a lesson- (um, maybe that would be ME) would you please do it quickly? I'm EXHAUSTED!

Greece can't come too quickly.


  • Paula

    Important business first: the movie is "Princess Bride." Love it. :~)
    Have you ever notices how right before you are going on a trip (usually missions or furlough) EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING, did I say EVERYTHING...goes wrong. This has been my experience about every time. Warfare...and we can always learn something from it. If nothing else (I say that lightly) we learn to cling tighter to Him. Love ya and praying!

  • TW-US


  • JulieMom

    Paula- You are exactly right!! While we are SO happy to be of help to our friends, the fact that it happened at all is frustrating. But it's part of life here in Jo'burg. We are thankful for God's protection!

    TW-US: You said it!

  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    I'm not sure what to say, Julie. Your week sounds so incredible that the only lesson I can think you are supposed to learn from it is:

    Man's mind plans his way but the Lord directs his steps

    Oh, that, and the virute of patient endurance, which is frightfully hard to learn in the midst of chaos and frustration, isn't it?

    I'm just glad it's over for you. Whatever our problems in the States, at least the police (in general) punish the guilty.

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