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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reconstructive and Creative Sewing

So, I've owned my sewing machine long enough now that I should be able to re-make things that are no longer in their prime, or give things a little "fix up" should they need it. Right?


So today, amid all the PACKING and SORTING and STORING of clothing in preparation for our departure one month from today [insert freak-out scream], I found some clothes that needed a little fixing.

Namely: things that were too small, and things that were too big.

Sounds about right, eh?

So, the thing that was too small was a gathered dress for Love Bear. The top is fitted, and the skirt part is gathered. The top was snug before buttoning. So, I took it apart, added an elastic waistband to the top of the skirt part instead, and...voila!! It's now a new adorable skirt for Artsy Sis!

Dress Before
Now, you must ignore the pile of clothes. We were sorting today, remember? Thank you.

Skirt After
And you must ignore the Barbie piles. It is Saturday you know.

Two pairs of shorts that are hand-me-downs from Big Sisters to Love Bear fell right off her. Hmmm...she could really use those in Greece....aha! I took a strip of elastic and sewed it (stretching it while stitching) so that it would gather up the back and make the shorts tighter without affecting the general shape. So much better!!

Inside the Shorts

Back of the Shorts
And yes I do realize thinner elastic would be better, but this is what I had. And I also realize pink thread would have looked nice, but this was in the machine from the other two pairs I did. You know how it is.

Maybe this doesn't impress you much, but I was pretty doggone proud of myself.


  • marylittlebit

    YAY! Well done! :) Not only impressed that you did it, but that you found time to do it!

  • Herding Grasshoppers

    I AM impressed. I have not managed to sew anything resembling clothing.

    Hurray for re-working what you have to make it useful and attactive!


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