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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sewing Machine Lessons

**I promise to upload pictures another time. I've tried ALL DAY and can't get them to work. They're really cute! Coming soon...**

We just started this week in our sewing machine lessons. The girls were so excited to start, but then Book Worm got the pukes, we had out of town guests for a day, things got busy, so it's been put off until now.

One of the first things we did was go over every part of the machine, some other tools we would use with it (seam ripper, tiny scissors etc.), and how to plug it in. Then we practiced threading the needle and the bobbin, talked about safety, then took the thread out and practiced sewing on paper.

At first they just followed a solid line I drew on paper, then moved to doing a zigzag stitch over the line. This was obviously more difficult, but the girls focused, tried to go slowly, and did a great job.

Love Bear went out with Dad to pass out tracts for the World Cup game today, so it was just Book Worm, Artsy Sis and I. They were ready to move on, so we had a lesson on using the iron. What the different settings meant, what setting goes with what material, and then they used it for the first time.

We moved then to the machine where they practiced sewing with back stitches, pivoting corners, and sewing material together. Then we moved on to make...pillows!

They chose their own material, we cut rectangles, they ironed them flat, then sewed, flipped them inside out, stuffed them, and I did the finishing stitch since it was pretty tricky for them.

And then...then...they wanted to iron all afternoon!!! So I let them! They got the laundry basket, picked things out, and practiced ironing...all day long. They are in love with the iron, I think. And I really don't mind! So, looks like I'll have helpers for that too. What a blessing!

We're on track to make our crayon roll ups tomorrow (I think) and then we'll have plenty of time to finish our tote bags before we head to Greece on August 17th. Whew! I was afraid we'd never make it!


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