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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Late Last Night When We Were All in Bed...

...Book Worm came to me and told me she puked. She had mentioned before bed that her stomach didn't feel well, but it had been a really long day, and she'd had pizza for dinner, so I thought maybe it was just too much fun for one day.


Oh when will I start following my kids' senses about their bodies?!? I could have saved myself MANY minutes of rest if I had only given her a bin next to the bed for pukes. Instead, she puked right in the middle of it, with a direct hit on Love Bear's dalmation, Spotty. So I stripped everything (after scooping up warm handfuls of it in paper towels [wretch] [shiver]) and put it straight into a hot wash cycle. Thank God we have pillow covers that kept it from seeping through.

Then I put her to bed on the couch in the lounge, tucked in with a sleeping bag and extra blanket. I got on the computer briefly to try and call my sister at her request, only to find she was not answering her phone. Oh well. Then I went back to bed, straining for puking sounds, and being awakened forty minutes later by the washing machine's bell.

So much for sleep!

In light of the recent events, I thought a link to a post I wrote many moons ago was in order. Here you will find a song about a puking child written to the theme song from Gilligan's Island. Hope you enjoy it. Book Worm is looking a little better today, though she puked two more times in the night. Please pray for her to recover. She's the easiest to nurse, but it's still not fun for any of us.



  • Julia

    I'm so so sorry your Book Worm has a case of the nasties! My clan and I will say a prayer for her today!

    I went and read your puking song and laughed so hard there were tears!Seriously think of recording it:) Have a great day...prayers for you all to get a full night of sleep tonight!

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