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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Promise is A Promise

I did promise my girls that when they finished school, we would start sewing lessons. And since Book Worm and Artsy Sis are done, and Love Bear has only one day left, I need to get it in gear. Now, I really had no idea how I was going to go about this, because I really am a beginner myself. I just got my machine back in December, and have been teaching myself through online tutorials. (I still have no idea how to do sleeves or zippers.)

So, I was starting to think, I mean really think about what to do with them, and decided to scour the internet for ideas. Because, really, if someone else has done it, and done it well, and especially if it's FREE, then why try to re-create the wheel, ya know?

I found there are LOTS of places you can go to find kids' projects for hand or machine sewing. But I wanted instruction as well. So I kept looking and came across this great site.


They have ideas for instruction lessons (which can be used freely with their permission as school curriculum), project ideas, picture tutorials, contests your kids can enter, a free subscription to their magazine, and great encouragement!!

The pictures and instructions are very clear and easy to understand. I plan on using them as a springboard for our own lessons. My girls are super-excited, and now I am too, since I don't have to make my own lessons.

They also offer an e-book version with 100 lessons that you can print and keep in a 3-ring binder. How great is that?

And this kind of learning is too much fun to feel like school. My goal is to give them enough instruction so they can each make an embellished tote bag for our trip back to the States. They can also make a felt needle book to keep inside it, and a crayon pouch....the list is endless! Simple and great projects for the whole family. Boys too!!

What are you doing to keep learning when school is done?


  • Dee Goings' Randomness

    Julie, thank you for posting a link to that site. My parents bought my step-daughter a sewing machine for Christmas last year and I've been trying to figure out how to teach her to sew.
    I have boxes upon boxes of scrap fabrics from my work and she's always been wanting to learn and do something with her machine that is still in the box, but I was always at a loss as to how to teach her since I drape and create without patterns and really don't like using patterns. I taught her how to make a pillow with fleece not too long ago and she wanted to make a stuffed dragon for her dad, but we were just at a loss where to start.
    This is a great find! Now this summer her and I can work on the projects and go from there. I know she will be so excited!
    During the summer we spend time doing all sorts of crafts and art projects. (She picked out her own wall paint for her bedroom and actually helped decorate her room completely 2 summers ago.) There is also a craft club you can join for kids that sends 2 kits every other week and we subscribe to that and she loves it.
    I love having her creative mind at work. I even have floor plans of our house she drew out and re-arranged all our furniture to be more trendy.
    Thanks again for the link! I'm printing the E-book out as I type :)

  • karly

    Well, now it looks like we will start sewing! This is a great site, thanks for the link, Julie!

    As for being done with school, we are not. We really haven't had a "normal" school year, so we will keep plugging along until the end of July/beginning of August, then take a break before starting up back in September.

    Dee: What craft club are you referring to? I would be very interested in that as my daughter would totally dig something like that!

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