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Saturday, May 01, 2010

More Sewing...Are You Bored Yet??

So I've done some more sewing. The little onesie things were for a Deaf woman in our church. Her baby is due next month, so I sewed a little skirt to go with a long-sleeve onesie, and then I sewed a skirt to a onesie, put a fabric rose on it, and a little embellishment at the neckline.

I also made a plastic bag holder from this tutorial. They don't sell things like "sweet charm packs" here, so I looked up what the sizes of the squares were and did it on my own. My sizes are different from hers, as are the elastic lengths. I wanted my holes smaller. It took me like an hour. It was great! I can see these being great gifts...or something. Didn't it turn out cute?
I am so obsessed with patchwork now. Not enough to make an entire quilt, mind you. Words like binding and quilting are still a little out of my league, but I AM working on a tutorial for a reversible patchwork skirt. I am making it up as I go along, so it may take me a while. Figuring the size of the squares alone was a doozie!

I'm hoping to get some work done on them today, however, since it's supposed to thunderstorm. I have three to do, LOTS of squares to cut out, and figuring to do. I have the idea in my mind, and I'm pretty sure it's executable, I just have to put it into action. Which means I need time.

Maybe early next week I'll have it ready...we'll see. Have a wonderful weekend with your families! If you have nice weather, go take a walk. You won't regret it!


  • WendyMom

    A lot of people who area quilting now are doing the actual quilting part on the sewing machine. It is really easy to make a quilt (this from the woman who made ONE skirt and decided it's not for me to sew!)- once you make the top, you just layer the top, batting and the plain backer, pin it together with safety pins, and start sewing! If you can make clothes, you can quilt no problem!

    When you are here, we'll get my mom over and she'll fill you in on the rest....Love you and miss you. Baseball starts today- both kids are in coach pitch, and I'm working the concession stand every week- exciting!

  • jen

    love the onesie with skirt…I have one in progress for one of my nieces…same idea, but with some applique instead of a flower on the shirt.

    And I'm looking forward to seeing your first quilt…because I know you'll do one soon!!

    I wish I was going to be in Rochester while you are there…we could have some sewing fun together!

  • karly

    Yep, I'm with Jen. I think you mentioning a quilt was just a bit of foreshadowing. We'll see one soon from you. :)

    You rock at sewing!! I must not have it together enough to even sit down and sew..... if I get the dishes and laundry done each day, oh, and if the kids are fed and taken care of, it's a good day for me! :) Maybe when the baby is a bit older, huh?

    I need another one of those grocery bag holders.... I'm gonna have to make one. And, I'm glad you made the holes smaller. I need new holders because the holes on mine are stretched out and too big. Good call, Julie!

    Happy weekend to you!!

  • JulieMom

    Wendy- I did know you can use the machine, but it looks so much more complicated that way...however I would LOVE for your mom to show me how!

    Jen- that would be so fun! We'll just have to save it up for when you come back through...Can't wait to see your onesie project too... :0) As for the quilt...wow. I need to think about that!

    Karly- Make the holes smaller! When I was putting mine together I thought- these holes are awfully HUGE. So I made them smaller. :0) Go for it!

  • Beth

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