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Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Been Ten Days

I haven't blogged in ten days. TEN DAYS!! I don't know what's come over me! Maybe I've been busy. That's true. Maybe I haven't felt like it. That's true too. We've had a lot going on, and blogging just didn't make it into my top hundred priorities the past few days.

I have been doing stuff though, I promise. Now, what was I doing?

*Oh yeah, I made a couple reversible skirts.
*I made dinner for some friends who were leaving the country.
*I cleaned my house a couple (ten) times.
*I sewed some baby gifts for a friend or two
*I made an invitation in Paint.NET for a fun party coming up.
*I baked two different kinds of scones.
*I made squeeze bottle pancakes.
*I graded papers and encouraged my girls to finish the school year strong.
*I added some things for the first time to Craftster.
*I celebrated my eleventh wedding anniversary with the hubby. (It's actually today)
*I organized my sewing tutorials notebook. I feel SO much better now!
*I experimented with sewing fabric flowers to use as pins and clips.
*I made a felt hair clip for MONEY!

And that about covers it. Although there are other things in there that I didn't list. Like chatting with my Sis on Skype, emailing people, cooking regular meals, grocery shopping...you get the idea. I am working on some things to post, but in the mean time can you answer a question for me?

What is up with all the skull and roses things I am seeing in kids' clothing? So not cool in my opinion. I mean, what is beautiful (or sweet) about the combination of life (roses) and gross death (skulls). And also, why are people thinking it's ok to introduce their toddlers to corset-style dresses without undershirts? Do moms really want to raise Lolitas??? REALLY???

Just some thoughts I've been pondering while doing the stuff I listed above. Enjoy your weekend!!!


  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    Skulls are all the rage over here. There's a whole line for kids called "Skullanimals". It's rather disgusting.

    I'm not sure what this is all about.

    Sounds like you had a productie week, Julie! Have a wionderful Sunday!

  • Just Jenny

    I completly understand. I didn't blo the whole month of April!!! I am really behind in letting people know what is going on! BUSY is only the half of it!!!

    Sounds like you are being very productive ♥
    Happy anniversary!!

  • karly

    What is blogging anyway (as I go to mine and see cobwebs!) It sounds like you are enjoying your productivity! I would enjoy it too! :)

    I hear ya on the skulls. We avoid them, too.

    And, happy anniversary! 11 years, way to go!

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