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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Casually Feminine: Blouses Schmouses...

There is, I think, a fine art to properly attiring your upper half. Many women have issues of their breasts not being the same size, and in an ill-fitting blouse, that will be evident. (Some also do not hang at the same level, etc.) Fit is essential in making the most of the way God made you. While I do NOT have a perfect body, by FAR, and the top half of me makes it difficult to look slimmer, there are some tricks we can all follow to ensure we don't look fat in every single photo taken of us.

The first step I recommend is heading over to Myshape.com and figuring out what your body shape is. Yes, you have to register to use their site, but you can click if you don't ever want to be contacted. I think it's a great idea! They tell you your shape based on your measurements (you'll have to face them sometime!) and then recommend styles of clothing that look best on you. It's like having a personal shopper. It will definitely stretch your thoughts on what looks good on you.

Now, their clothes are pricey, but when you see the styles they say fit your body shape, you can keep an eye out for them in the stores where you live. Don't be afraid to break out of your fashion mold and try something new! However, they also send you sales info and sometimes they have really great deals. I've never bought from them because I live in another country and will NOT pay for international shipping.

Most important of all: The right fitting bra will do WONDERS for your shape and fit. No one wants a 'uniboob', but you don't want them so separated that they're living in different time zones either. Ya know? Also, please do me a HUGE favor and NEVER put your bra in the dryer. It will ruin the underwire (should you need it) and wears out the Lycra. It will make your bra mis-shaped and all-around WRONG. Ok? Thank you.

Having said all that, let's get back to fit, shall we?

Decide if you have:
*A large bust
*A small bust
*A wide neck
*A think neck
*A thick middle
*A thin middle
*Thick arms
*Thin arms

All of these issues have their own fixes to make them look better.

For a large bust, try a v-neckline. This looks best on me. Or a wider circle neckline. You know, the kind that almost makes your bra straps stick out. (But don't let them!) Things that are square or too high just make my neck look fat (since mine is short) and visually increase my bust size (and the focus on them). Which is NOT what I want!

Small bust? Wear what you want.

If you have a wide or short neck, also try a V-neck shape. This will elongate the area between your neck and chest, and make your neck look longer, which makes your whole upper body look thinner.

Thin neck? Wear what you want. Just don't brag about it when we're together.

If you have a thick middle, do not wear long shirts that cling to that area. I look best (with my thick waist) in jackets and shirts that are cut shorter, and don't go far below the top of my pants, which is my waistline. (And they NEVER go below my belly button, BTW.)

Layering is also helpful, but NEVER layer with a thick top underneath. Camis are great for this, as they look good under a jacket or other top. A-line shaped tops are also great, as they skim the middle of the body but still have shape.

If you have a thin middle: Wear what you want. And don't mind me if I briefly glare at you and try to decide whether you actually have all your internal organs.

If you have thick arms, do not wear sleeveless tops. They will only emphasize your arms since they aren't covered up, and make you look wider. Instead go for a short sleeve or 3/4 inch sleeve. It will slim you and take the focus away from your arms.

If you have things arms: wear what you want. Just don't flex in my face.

One last tip on fit for tops: your bottoms will affect your top. If you are an apple shape, then do NOT wear pants that are fitted. You need a looser fit, or it will only accentuate your round top.

Go out and get a good bra, so you have the support and shape you need to put the other tips into practice. Don't skimp on quality either. A cheaper top (or bra for that matter) that fits now may lose it's shape with repeated washings. Quality means longer life, especially with clothing.

Now, head on over to Brenda's and get some more tips, or at least a good laugh.


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