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Monday, April 26, 2010

Some Changes

I have made the decision that I will no longer be calling my kids by Disney Princess names here on the ole blog. While the Prince is still my Prince Charming, and the girls are still my little princesses, I decided that Disney has changed enough over the years to warrant my not supporting them (albeit in a roundabout way) with the names I call my kiddos.

So I asked them what they wanted me to call them, and here are their new names:

Snow White is now Love Bear.

Cinderella is now Artsy Sis.

Sleeping Beauty is now Bookworm.

And the Prince is now J-Man. (Although I picked this name, not him!)

Those are the updates. Maybe I'll put their old names in parenthesis next to the new ones for a while, just so no one gets confused. Just wanted to fill you in on the little changes going on around here. Hope you have a wonderful day! We're having waffles (homemade) for breakfast, so it's already a good day around here!


  • Janice

    I have to tell you, The new names are easier to remember for me!

    Those princess names always got me confused- perhaps because I was never a girly girl and can't remember them all anyhow!

    I love the new names! So fitting and descriptive! I cannot wait to see them in person, and see their personalities and how they have changed.

    When you see our family... be prepared as well. I know they have changed, but the reactions I get from people who havent seen them in a while is so great... and Levi did all of his growing after his visit! Oh MY!!

    We hope to be in the same town with you all during furlough for visits at a time... on the other hand we pray to be gone alot so we can begin our own "next leg" of the journey! I am learning that missionaries get this... some of your dearest and sweetest friends... you never see them! lol :)

    Love you guys!

  • WendyMom

    I agree with Janice- the new names are easier to remember- because they match the personalities!

    Oh, and she's not kidding about Levi and the rest of the kids- YIKES!

    Love you-

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