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Monday, April 19, 2010

Cinderella Turns Eight

She likes cake.

Things are all set for her to wake in the morning...

Snow White is almost more excited than the birthday girl.

The finished cake.

And the inside.

Blowing out the candles.

Me and my girl. Don't we both look tired?

It was a really great day. Church was wonderful, one man putting his faith in Christ! Then lunch out, home with friends, gifts and cake. The fellowship was sweet and we laughed a lot. She put on her new jammies, used her new hairbrush, had a braid put in and made a bed on my floor to "sleep special".

And then...then...

The puking in the middle of the night. Birthday girl was projecting like nobody's business. Having to change her new pajama top...thank God we put her hair in a braid! Poor thing. She had awakened with a sore tummy in the morning, but ate a little breakfast, so I didn't think anything of it. During the day she was fine and played, although she looked tired. Guess she has a little virus. She's sleeping it off as we speak.

Not such a nice way to end a birthday. But she does look cute all snuggled up.


  • Brenda

    I'm guess that cake wasn't so pretty in the middle of the night?

    Poor baby. Little Bit had the flu last birthday. Rotten. At least she had her party first. :)

    The rainbow layers are AWESOME. Big cake too!! Happy Birthday Cinderella!

  • Q

    Couldn't get to you any other way, so had to answer your question here. No ignorance, Julie, I'm just quirky! :) Chaos is my sewing/scrapbooking room. I get in there, start a project, and it's so much more fun to keep working than to clean up after each project. It can go from clean to Chaos in a very short time.

    Your photos here are so adorable - but my heart just sank about the evening you had! Hope the birthday girl is recovering and back to enjoying that fabulous cake.

  • Q

    One more!


    Have a fabulous week!

  • Janice

    8?? EIGHT?? That is CrAzY!!! I love seeing the events of the birthdays! So miss these girlies! Cannot wait to see you all!

    Happy Birthday To YOU!!!

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