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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Casually Feminine: The Mouth Will Tell Edition

This week's topic is our mouth. Like Brenda mentioned when she gave us the assignment, there is SO MUCH we could cover here. If you wanted to go a physical route and talk about lipstick, etc. you would certainly have a lot of options.

However, I am going to focus on the spiritual aspect of our mouths.

In my introductory post I mentioned that the word feminine brings to mind the idea of being a lady. While we've all used that word before, and it's meaning has become obscured so that it has been intertwined with the definition of 'woman' (meaning a female), let me tell you what Answers.com says 'lady' means:

"A well-mannered and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior."

Wow, that's a lot different from the casual way we throw that word around, agreed? I admit I have used the words 'lady' and 'woman' interchangeably, but no more! Now that I know the proper definition, I am responsible to use it well, properly.

How does this fit in with our mouth? Oh, I am so glad you asked!!

When thinking of the mouth, there were immediately two passages of scripture that came to mind. They contrast the difference between a 'woman' and a 'lady'.

See, a 'woman' is a general human of the female brand. The 'woman' I am going to talk about is called the 'strange woman' in scripture. She knows she is a woman. She knows what appeals to the opposite sex, and she uses all of it to her advantage to get what she wants. Especially her mouth. Let me show you:

"(She is loud and stubborn; her feet abide not in her house.)" [Proverbs 7:11]

Two things already we learn of her mouth: she is loud and stubborn. Ever see a woman like this? This woman is always talking. She is loud to prove her point, since her argument may not be valid, she laughs uproariously at everything (mostly) that men say, and she doesn't know how to control herself.

She is also stubborn, meaning she will not listen to counsel or wisdom. And she likes to argue, to try and persuade people to see her point of view. It's important to her because, as the next few verses show, her behavior is unseemly. Whorish. And if she can convince you with her mouth and words that it's not so bad, then she doesn't feel so dirty.

In verses 13-20 she uses her words to convince a young man to come and "take our fill of love" while her husband is away. Her words [not her beauty or her clothing] cause him to fall into her trap. Verse 21 says:

" With her much fair speech she caused him to yield, with the flattering of her lips she forced him."

Remember her stubborn streak? She didn't listen to his arguments, or his reasoning, or his denials of desire. She continued to talk as she led him to her house, told him it would be ok, described all the nice things she had waiting for him, and forced him.

That's not ladylike. Neither is sleeping with another man while your husband is out of town.

A real lady is found in Proverbs 31:26 "She openeth her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue is the law of kindness."

This woman (who is a lady) has wisdom to share with others. She gives counsel, and is not stubborn or loud. She doesn't have to raise her voice to make her point, because she has the reputation of being wise. She also has the law of kindness in her tongue.

She does not yell at her children, or use sarcasm to get them to obey. She is kind and gentle, and soft-spoken. She obeys her husband and does not argue with him. She is the exact opposite of the 'woman' mentioned in the first verses.

And she has convicted me. My mouth does not always make me appear feminine. I like to debate. I like to get involved in conversations that don't include me. I like to bring out points no one has shared yet.

But many times I have not been asked to do so. I will work on this! I will not butt into conversations that do not include me, and I will work on speaking with kindness- especially when disciplining my children.

The law of kindness....the law of kindness...the law of kindness....


  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    Love, love, love this Julie!

    I am taking a page from your book and from now on will be careful to make the distinction between a "lady" and a "woman", making sure to conduct myself as the former.

    Great post.

  • Brenda

    Very good contrast from scripture Julie! Oh there is a lot to study here.

  • Julia

    Wow, yes, this is something great to think and meditate on! Thanks for the awesome insight from Scripture!

  • Kristie

    I've had this up on my computer since you posted it. I got a little into it, then decided that I didn't want to read it until I had time to really think on it. Finally got it all read and it is SO good! I needed to hear it, I've lately been convicted about some of the same things you were and it's nice to have the added push. I'll be working, too!

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