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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Casually Feminine: Face the Facts Edition

This is a bit much for my taste. How about you?

I do not have beautiful skin. I've never had beautiful skin. And that's ok, because there are products out there to help people like me. I have no problem admitting I wear make-up every day. Every. Day. I do not (usually) leave my house without it, so I avoid scaring anyone who may happen to look in my direction.

That is not to say that I look like the women (I think they're women anyway) in the picture above. Far from it. Most people think I don't wear make-up, because mine is very basic and natural-looking.

I do not wear eyeshadow or eyeliner. They do NOT look good on me, and I don't care to learn how to apply them properly. Mascara is good enough for this gal. I'm all about simple and quick. I do not try to be a high maintenance girl, although the hair requires a bit of work. (As do the non-existent eyebrows.)

I don't believe wearing makeup is a sin. I think if God has given you beautiful skin, you are truly blessed! If you wear makeup to make the most of what He's given you, then that's ok too. Just don't go overboard, ok?

The right haircut and makeup can make a world of difference in your appearance.

What's wrong with wanting to do the best with what God has given you? I think we ought to represent ourselves in a way that honors God, is modest, and makes the most of what we're given.

Some women try so hard to make themselves look better that they actually look worse. Although I am not an expert, let me give you some makeup tips anyway, alright?

1. Your neck and your face ought to be the SAME color. If they aren't, you are using the wrong foundation. Do not let streaks show up anywhere.

2. Your eyes should NOT look like you have spiders taking up residence over them, nor should they look like they've been punched repeatedly.

3. Your lips will make or break your face. Find out your color undertone is, and stick with shades that match it. Women with yellow undertones should not wear pink. Ever. Check it out

4. Blush is meant to be just that: a blush. Do not apply it so you can actually see a stripe of color along your cheek. This totally defeats the purpose, and makes you look odd to say the least.

Ok, that's it for make-up tips. Now let's chat a bit about a feminine face, shall we?

The Bible speaks of a woman with an "impudent face". Impudent means without modesty, bold with contempt of others, saucy, shameless. Is it any wonder this is the strange woman I spoke of before, related to the mouth?

Would you agree with me that a woman's face is like a window into her personality and spirit?

It is not lady-like or feminine to roll your eyes at a person who says something you don't like. It is also not acceptable to stick out your tongue at someone. Ever. How you carry your face will say a lot for what you are meditation on at the moment, or how you are dealing with life in general.

Have you ever seen a woman with a sour face? Does it make you want to approach that person and ask how they are doing?

How about a woman who is snobby? Who looks like the whole world is beneath her, and don't you dare disturb her with your measly presence!

What about a perpetually angry woman with a furrowed brow? Maybe you're a mom of young children (like me) who is frustrated a lot. Does that always show on your face? Or anger?

When we let negative emotions play out on our face, it is a reflection of a lack of peace in our hearts. Do I let things bother me to the point that it shows on my face without my even knowing it? Surely if you're clenching your teeth, etc. you will know you are angry about something. Wouldn't you?

So, I will try to make sure I keep a pleasant expression on my face. To do this, I will keep my dialogue with God open so I am not holding in anger, or frustration, or any other negative emotion. Not only will this keep me at peace, it will prevent aging my face! :0)

I want to be approachable, and likable, and an honor to my Lord.

Pop on over to Brenda's to see what the other ladies have to say. This is so encouraging!!


  • Brenda

    The pictures just add so much to it! Those are great!!!

    I am also pretty low maintenance and here's another reason. Should an emergency come up and I'm not able to apply my usual make-up, I want people to recognize me! :)

    Oh the strange woman. She is a study in herself. There is so much to read about her. We read about that Prov. 31 woman, but we forget to read about the other one, as a warning.

    Great post.

  • karly

    Love the pictures! :)

    As for make up? Most of the time I go without. But, if I use it, it's a little powder foundation, eyeliner, and a clear mascara to smooth out the brows and lashes. Oh, and some lip gloss. Very low maintenance.

    I'm gonna reread about the "impudent face." Like Brenda said, as a warning. :)

    Great post, Julie!

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