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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Casually Feminine: Accessorize and Maximize

Non-essentials. Pretty things. Girly. Feminine.

These words are all related in my mind when thinking of accessories. They aren't essential- you can totally go without them and not have anyone's mouth gape open because you forgot. They are (in my taste anyway) girly and feminine, and can add a little something special to an outfit, and dress things up a bit.

I agree with other posters that there can be an over-abundance of accessories. When someone has something in their hair, on their ears, on their wrist, painted nails, pins on their shirt, etc. where do you look? It's like trying to find Waldo in one of those books: your eyes shift all over the page trying to focus, and they just can't. There's too much to take in.

So I think the key word for accessories should be this: understated.

They shouldn't demand attention. They should be complementary. And that goes both ways: they shouldn't be so garish that they stand out, but they shouldn't look like an afterthought either.

And since this Casually Feminine series is about how we're striving to be more feminine, I think it's worth a look at some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

There are some lovely things over at ruffles and stuff. I love her blog! Her ideas are lovely. She is a minister's wife, and has some very sweet ideas on how to make your own accessories. Such as:

Handkerchief rosettes

Ruffle cuffs and collar (Not really my taste, but pretty)

The Scrunch Belt (She is so skinny!)

Flower Cluster Necklace

Rose Cuff Bracelet

Those should be enough to get you started.

Let me share just a bit more about accessories, ok?

One important accessory is free, and fairly easy to wear.

It's a smile. A smile makes a woman look lovely. It shows a satisfaction with life. A smile means you are content with your situation. A smile can open the door of conversation with a complete stranger. It can put another person at ease. A smile shows you are approachable, and welcoming. A smile will help you swallow hurt feelings, pride, anger, resentment. A smile will help you show love to those around you. A smile, when you're feeling grumpy, will help cheer you.

It's an accessory any feminine woman should never be without.

If you want to read what others share about accessories, pop on over to Brenda's.


  • Brenda

    Thank you for the links!

    I have now thought of 2 things that did not occur to me before: a smile and the tatoo that Giovanna pointed out! :)
    You are right---accessories CAN make a more feminine outfit and look. I can't wait to visit those links.

  • Q

    Off to Ruffles and Stuff - how fun!

    Yeah - I'm not thinking that waist is real though. It's gotta be photoshopped, right? :)

    Brenda - you mean tatoos aren't feminine? HA HA HA! ;)

  • JulieMom

    Tattoos? Yeah, I'm not feelin' it, lol.

    And I wish it were photoshopped! I wish I could photoshop mine in real life, lol.

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