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Thursday, March 25, 2010

That's It...I'm Making A Tutorial

Since we spoke so recently about our pajamas, and how we need to change them...if we need to change them, I decided to make some pajama pants for me and the girls in feminine colors and patterns. And also in a better fit so I don't look so sloppy.

I went to search on line about how to go about doing this.

I found one tutorial that I thought would be helpful, and ended up with two tubes sewn together all the way up, with no place for a butt to fit. No waist at all. So, that was less than helpful. Then I found another, but it didn't tell me to stretch out the elastic on the pants I was using for a template, so I ended up with a teeny tiny waist that even Snow White had to suck it in to fit them on. Needless to say I have not been my normal jovial self this morning. And I think my girls noticed. Ahem.

So- I am going to make a tutorial.

That's right! You heard it right. There seems to be a need for a clear, concise pajama bottoms tutorial, and I am going to make one tonight. Or tomorrow. Because I have already wasted enough fabric from the confusing ones out there to make me scream!

Will you cheer me on? And check to make sure I didn't forget or give up? Thanks. Knew I could count on you.

And would you please let me know (once it's finished) if there are any confusing parts? Or unnecessary explanations? Or if you want more pictures? Hopefully I'll have it up and running tomorrow...and then I will be tackling night gowns.

Yeah, I know.


  • WendyMom

    Go for it!

    You have my total support!

    And from those of us, ahem, "curvy" females out here, I would love to see some feminine, comfy PJ's that DON"T look like balloon pants gone terribly awry! To get a pair in my size to fit the curves, I end up looking like a sack has attacked my lower half, and won't let go.

    When you come home will you teach me how to sew? I would love to make some of the things you've done for the girls.....

  • Brenda

    Yeah! I'll use your tutorial!

    OK. To make you feel better I'll share my pants-making story. I was making clown pants for Sweetheart for a costume and I could not figure it out. Of course I had no pattern or anything. So I called my sister, who understands my visual nature, and she talked me through them on the phone. I could NOT visualize the um, crotch of the pants. I was so confused. Suddenly, after more than 30 minute on the phone, it all came together and I yelled, "Hey! I have a beautiful crotch!!!" My sister was silent but only b/c she was shaking and laughing so hard. She will not let me forget that one.

  • Dee Goings' Randomness

    I would love to see your tutorial! Pants can be one of the hardest fits to get right in my opinion. I have the same problem as WendyMom posted and being curvy causes a huge problem in the pants department no matter what kind of pants they are. That's why I tailor my clothes now if I buy them at the store or I just make them myself. Otherwise I look like what my husband calls FrumpADump. Heehee!
    Happy sewing hon! :)

  • WendyMom

    Brenda- I'm speechless.

    But very happy for you.

  • karly

    I'll use the tutorial, too! Very excited that you are graciously doing this for us!

    And, Brenda, that's a crack-up!! Loved that story!! :)

  • JulieMom

    BRENDA!!! That's too funny.

    Thank you for sharing. HAHA!!!

    Well, it's up, so check it out!

  • JulieMom

    And Dee- FrumpADump is a great name! I know EXACTLY the look you're talking about!!

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