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Monday, March 22, 2010

I've Done Some Sewing...

The list on the sidebar is shrinking. Did you notice? Huh, did you? Is the curiosity of what all the cool stuff looks like killing you?

What's that? You didn't notice?

That's ok. I'll show you what I've done anyway. The first at the top of the list was the request from the hubby to fix our pillow cases. See the first pic below?

I have no idea how this happened. The label on the package said 'standard', so I picked them up. Turns out standard is a different size than America. These must be standard size for giants...
So I turned them inside out, put the pillow in long-ways (so technical!) toward the already-hemmed opening, cut off the excess that was now on the side, and sewed it up using a triple stitch for extra strength. I beat my pillow on occasion. The one on the right is the finished product.

Next up on the list was doing something with hexagons. Okay, it wasn't technically the second thing on the list, but it was what I wanted to tackle next, ok? I really am enjoying the hexagons. They are quick and easy to sew (I don't do the whole paper piecing thing. That makes no sense to me whatsoever...) by hand, and you can put them anywhere!

For now, I've made some huge ones I have no idea what to do with...

...and a smaller one that has covered a hole in the leg of some capris.
Next up is the pin cushion organizer thingy that I must admit I am terribly disappointed in. The pin cushion is WAY huger than the little scrap basket and pocket thingy warrant. I would definitely re-size these things before making it again. But anyway, here it is. I also think the interfacing for the rim of the scrap basket was WAY too wide. Maybe that's just me.
There now. You're all caught up on my latest and greatest projects.

I know, we'll both sleep better now.


  • Brenda

    I thought those hexagon-y things were the beginning of a quilt. What could you do with those?

    I really like the covering of the hole. Good idea.

    I like to sew things by hand and also I have that sewing class....where did you get your pattern (just anywhere) and also what could the girls do with these after they sewed them. Hmm?

    Technically, I guess I was no help.

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