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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Casually Feminine: Perfect PJs Edition

If this is your idea of feminine...you have issues...

I must admit I was not thrilled with this first topic.

Actually, it has nothing to do with the topic, per se, but posting pictures of me IN the pajamas. Brenda said she would be here with her pics, so I am assuming she'll be IN her pajamas. If not, then I think the next topic will (by default) have to be about facial hair. [insert smirk]

I do not wear nightgowns on a regular basis. I turn over in my sleep so much that when I awake in the morning, I am literally mummified in them. I've tried it numerous times. It matters not how form-fitting or loose-fitting the gown is, I will be wrapped up. And uncomfortable.

That's not to say I wouldn't wear one before bed. Because they are comfy. And feminine.

I just don't think it makes sense to change into a gown to relax, and then change again before actually getting in the bed. But that's just me. Ends up just being more laundry when you think about it. Go ahead, think about it.

Onto the photos. You may not want to be eating right now.

I am warning you, it may not be pretty (depending on how loosely you define "pretty") so hold onto your hats, and perhaps look at the pics through minuscule slats between your fingers as they cover your eyes. It will make me look thinner, too, just so you know.

And the heads are cut off because my morning hair is too scary. And so I can deny it's really me should the circumstances ever arise that would warrant such a thing.

This first pic would be my "cooler summer evening" pajamas. These also have a matching top, which I realized just now, that when worn together, make me look like the youngest grandma ever. Must be the embroidery on the breast pocket.
I know you're loving how nicely those capri pants fit me.

The second is my winter pajamas. I don't actually sleep in the black sweater, but I was cold this morning, so I threw it on. I usually pair these pants with a long sleeved t-shirt that matches. (ie: pink, orange, or grey.) The colors are feminine, right? Right?
Although the legs are a tad loose...

The third option is for sweltering summer nights, and one of the more modest options I have for those *ahem* you-know-what-I-mean-so-don't-make-me-say-it-aloud evenings.
Are you really surprised I'm not in it in the picture? Really??

I also have an ensemble that pairs a spaghetti strap black camisole-type top with my old-lady shorts (ie: blue running shorts that are ill-fitting and have white racing stripes down the leg) the Prince hates, but I didn't even put those on here because I will not be wearing those shorts anymore. Although right now they are comprising the bottom half of my swimsuit.

An no- the top isn't a bikini. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How could you even think such a thing??

I'm nauseous now. Thank you.

So, I asked the Prince his opinion of my PJs, and he said there doesn't need to be an improvement. (After I defined for him that feminine does not equal sexy- just so we were on the same page...) So I will keep the ones I have (maybe upgrade the grandma ones) and possibly get something a little frilly. Although I think the ones below are a little over the top.
That lace is looking like an all-night Itchfest if you ask me.

So, since I have been absolutely no help at all, run over to Brenda's where someone else is bound to have some good advice, and possibly even helpful links to share!!

Oh, alright. Here's one helpful link to a pajama store. Knock yourself out!


  • Brenda

    Oh no!!! Facial hair!!!!! :)

    I don't have a way to take a full length pic of myself. And my photographers are a little shaky.

    Also, what's wrong with that first one? It's pink! What could be more feminine?? :)

    No, I like that you asked the prince and he said no change needed. You can move on to bigger and better things......like plucking I guess.

    I hear you about the nightgowns. It amazes me that for hundreds of years men and women slept in nightshirt type things. Of course, they didn't have heat back then so after they got under the 500 blankets they probably never moved all night.

  • Jennifer

    What about these? Comfortable/feminine/and you're helping women across the world!... http://www.punjammies.com/
    and it's my friends who run this organization and I think they're doing an awesome job!

  • Giovanna

    That first pink one looks like if you added some bunny ears on top, you'd be ready for Easter!
    Ha - that's hilarious!

  • karly

    I think your one for *those* evenings is very pretty! Gosh. I really need to step it up a bit.

    Okay. A LOT!

    Love your pictures, by the way! :)

  • JulieMom

    Brenda- HAHA!!

    Jennifer- Thanks for the link!

    Giovanna- Ever seen 'A Christmas Story'? Reminds me of Ralphie!!

    Karly- Thank you! :0)

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