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Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Trip to the Lion Park

We spent the day at the Lion Park with the Bible College students and our friends the Radebaughs. We had a picnic and did all sorts of other cool stuff too. I'll shut up now and let you enjoy the pictures.

No, the giraffe didn't swallow the Prince's hand. It just looks that way.

Cinderella, the animal lover, feeding the giraffe.

Beautiful nature. I couldn't have planned the poses any better!

So sweet! Until he scratches you...

Our wild bunch, up in a tree.

Close up!

Sleeping Beauty with a sleepy cub.


The Prince and Cinderella...see where she gets her looks?

Snow White with the cub that scratched me. See his big belly? They were just fed Sunday afternoon, so they are still full and sleepy!!

I know I said I would shut up, but did you really think I meant it? I have to comment. I just have to! And I really did get scratched by that cub. Two drew blood on the top of my right arm. I was petting him and he put his paw on my arm (like cats tend to do) and when he moved it, he flexed and his claws went right through my skin like a hot knife through butter.

I didn't hurt, just surprised me. And now they are red, but they've been washed and I think I'll be ok. :0) Just in case, what are the symptoms of Cat Scratch Fever???


  • Brenda

    I hope your girls appreciate how rare of a chance they have to pet baby lions like that!

    I hope they'll always rememb....oh yeah. They can just look at the scar on mom's arm.

  • WendyMom

    Brenda- your scar comment made me laugh out loud. Not really a good thing since I am recovering from gall bladder surgery right now- it was like, hahahaha..ouch!

    Jules- love the pics and the trip- I wish we could share that together. Recovering s-l-o-w-l-y her- pain killers are a must, so things are a little foggy. Anyhoona- hope to be back up on my feet soon... Give all my love--

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