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Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Ladies Fellowship: A Pure Life

On Saturday we had a ladies' meeting for our Deaf ladies. I taught on "A Pure Life". Our churches here are filled with unmarried young women who have babies. (But at least they're not choosing abortion!) So, I thought it might be appropriate to teach about how our bodies and our sexuality are a gift from God, and we need to use them in the way He intended. Here, it is so much a part of their culture to be free with their bodies and sex. That is partly why AIDS is such a problem. Maybe some of you will be interested to read this. The lesson itself was a lot longer, but I just wanted to share part of it.

If you want the full notes, let me know and I can email them to you.

God gave me the following illustration, and I'm thinking it will be a good way to talk with my girls about sex when the right time comes. To me, it makes perfect sense.

I. Your Sexuality And Body is a Gift From God- Interesting correlations between a gift, and sex.

A. A gift is for a specific person. You don't buy a gift, label it "anyone who's interested" and stick it under the tree at Christmas time. You wouldn't want just anyone coming and opening the gift that has your name on it, would you? No, you'd probably be really mad about it.

-It's the same with your sexuality. It is a gift. The label on it is your future husband's name. It's not just for anyone that's interested. Your future husband won't want to find out that other men have opened the gift that was mean just for him.

B. A gift shouldn't be opened until the proper time. Let's say my husband buys me a birthday gift and hides it in his closet. My birthday isn't for two weeks, but I see the gift and want to know what's inside. I know he'll be disappointed if he finds out, but I open it anyway. I am thrilled for the moment, but when my birthday rolls around there's nothing left to excite or surprise me, because I already opened my gift.

- Again, our sexuality is the same way. When we've experienced sex before our wedding
night, there's nothing left to excite us. There may be a different man involved this time, but the wonder and surprise of that first time is gone. We've opened the gift before the proper time.

C. A gift is something special one person gives to another. How many people receive a gift every day? Every week? Most people only receive gifts at Christmas, on their birthday, or anniversary. It's not an every day thing, which makes it special. How often do you give a gift? If you give a gift to every person you see every day, then the specialness of each gift is diminished, because it's just something you do all the time.

- Sex is the same way. If you give yourself away to every person who shows an interest, every time you feel like it, will it ever be special to you? Will your husband think your gift is special if it's been given away so many times?

D. No one wants a used gift. Pretend I buy myself a blender. I use it a few times, then put it in the cupboard. Your birthday rolls around, and I decide to give you this blender. When you open the gift, you can see little bits of things stuck to the glass where I haven't properly cleaned it, and you know it's been used. Is the gift still special? Do you feel loved?

- Surely you know where I'm going with this. Of course God can cleanse us from our past sin (Psalm 86:5) and praise God for His mercy!! But isn't it so much better when we give ourselves to our husband on our wedding night as a pure and new gift? One that has never been opened or used. One where the wrapping has never even been peeled back for someone to peek inside? That's a precious gift!

II. There Are Good and Bad Ways to Wrap a Gift

A. You don't wrap a gift too tightly. Suppose I buy a teddy bear for my daughter. How should I wrap it? Should I buy paper and wrap the arms, legs, head and body individually? No! She'll take one look and know exactly what it is. There will be no surprise, no excitement when it's opened. And there's a good chance the paper will rip open on its own too.

- It's the same with our bodies. When we wear clothes that are form fitting, any man who walks by can see our shape, the size of our breasts, perhaps our nipples, and our butt. What's left to be excited about when you can clearly see the gift through the wrapper? Who even needs to open the gift to know what they'll be getting?

B. You don't buy less paper than you'll need. When you wrap a gift, you ought to measure the size of the gift so you know you can cover it. Is it any fun for the person receiving the gift to see the name printed on the box because you ran out of paper? No! Much of the fun of
receiving the gift is wondering what's inside, the anticipation of finally finding out.

- Are you seeing a pattern yet? Our bodies are the same way. When we wear clothing that does not cover our bodies (Ex. thongs sticking out of our pants, breasts hanging out, stomach or pelvic bones exposed) then anyone walking by will know what our gift looks like. There is no thrill of discovery. There is no joy for us either, knowing that our husband isn't the first or only one to see what's inside our wrapping.

I also shared this illustration. Hope it's a blessing.

You'll need: 1. A large, clear container 2. Water 3. Food coloring 4. Bleach

I filled a clear vase with water, and told the ladies it represented their sex life, and their bodies. When God first gives us that gift, it is pure. It has not been touched or used. You can see through it and know it is clean. We wouldn't mind having a drink of it.

When we are later enticed by sex, and give into that, (outside of marriage) then we are tainted. (I then added black food coloring.) We can see the water (our sexuality and body) is no longer pure, but dirty. It only stains a bit at the beginning, but given time, it saturates the whole vessel. Who wants a drink of this water now?

Is there hope? Yes!! That's the beautiful thing about God: He is always ready to forgive. Psalm 86:5 says the Lord is good, and ready to forgive, and plenteous in mercy to ALL that call upon Him. No matter how many people you've been with, or what you've done, God promises you and I can have forgiveness if we call upon Him!!

How can we get clean from this past of sexual sin? Psalm 119:9-11, 140. When we add God's Word into our minds and hearts, and seek after Him wholly, and love His Word, it's amazing the difference it makes. (I labeled the bleach bottle 'God's Word'. I then added about half a cup to the container and gave it a little swirl. The bleach ate away the color of the water and turned it back to being clear- this depends on the color you use.) God's Word is the only way to get our sexual past cleared.

With the black food coloring, there was still a slight red tint to the water. I explained that while God forgives and cleanses us, we still have those memories, those feelings of past experiences left behind. What we experience never fully goes away from us, but we can be made new in God's sight.

Anyway, thought that might be a blessing. I know I'm always looking for new ideas to share that really help illustrate God's truth, so feel free to share with me often!


  • Brenda

    I really like the illustration of the gift!!! What a wonderful way to explain it all---even to our daughters! Thanks for sharing that.

    How did the women seem to respond?

  • Suzanne - Daughter of the King

    very good Julie. Wow!! Recently I'd been praying for the Lord to remove from experiences from my memory - as they'd been plaguing me. And while they are no longer black and full of sin - they are pink and covered by His blood!! A reminder to me of His redemption, healing and POWERFUL ways. Thank you for another way to look at this. God bless you. I pray that each of these women walk away with the Truth and His healing hand upon their lives. Just as He touched me in your writing!! Thank you!

  • WendyMom

    Wow- that's so good Julie. Please do forward the whole teaching to me- I'd like to have it as a resource when the time comes to teach my daughters. We have already had some teaching here on the "big stuff" if you know what I mean- but the next phase of that will be this topic- so thank you for the teaching!@

    To Suzanne-- I too have had past instances come up in my mind and just want to encourage you to keep giving it over to the Lord, and fight the enemy's attempts to accuse you. I think he especially loves to come after believers in this area because he has such a stronghold in the world on sexuality. I will pray for you today- if you want to get my email from Julie, I would be happy to correspond with you about this.

  • Rhonda in Chile

    What a great way to illustrate a difficult subject! Our sign language is somewhat limited. I can't imagine trying to sign that lesson!
    At any rate, its a great lesson for anyone!

    I was really moved by the story of your preacher friend in Peru. I am praying for him and his family.

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