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Monday, February 22, 2010

Git R Done...Eventually

The Prince is an ambitious man. When he sets his sights on a project, he wants it done, and done well. And in a time-saving manner. (Yes, we do fit well together.)

Today the project was the front brakes on our Nissan Sentra.

Now, today was one of those days where I was glad the girls needed me for school so much, because working on the car is not something I enjoy doing anymore. When I was a teenager and young single girl, I used to like it. My dad showed me how to change the spark plugs, and a tire, blah blah blah. And I used to love it. I felt smart or something.

Now? It's too dirty!! No thank you!

Anyway, the Prince had me call the parts store this morning to make sure they had what he needed before he drove all the way over there. So I called, and they had the stuff. (Thumbs up! Something's in stock!!) Then I asked if they would hold what we needed for us, and the man assured me he would. (Double bonus!!)

The Prince went to the store about half past eleven, got the parts, and proceeded to dismantle the front of the car. (I guess really he only took the wheel off one side, but there was stuff all over the garage.) When he got up to his elbows in grease (who knew it was so dirty in there?) he realized the guy at the shop gave him the wrong pads. Ugh. So he came in to scrub a bit (and I followed him around and wiped every surface he touched before doing so) and then headed back out to the shop to switch parts.

La la la la la...

When he came back, he did whatever it is he did to fix everything, but re-installing the thingy piston or caliper or whatever was giving him a hard time. We called a friend who knows things about cars, and I tried to verbally describe what I was looking at.

I think my end of the conversation went something pretty much exactly like this:

ME: "Hey there, sorry to bother you, but the Prince is working on the brakes for our Nissan and he's a little stuck. He's got the discs and pads on, but the pipe thingy won't fit over the black thingy. It's sticking out too far, and he can't get it to slide back in. What?...no, I don't see anything like slots on the end...it just looks like a pipe with a rubber thingy around the end.

Can he take the rubber thingy off? I think it's in his way. Oh, that will ruin the part? [signs to the Prince 'don't touch the rubber thingy'] He need pliers to push it in? Well, what does he push against? There's a tube connected to the back, and he can't pull it out too far, but the thingy, you know, the pipe? It's pretty stuck.

Ok...ok...yeah. Ok. Tell him to push harder. Alright. [signs to the Prince 'push harder' and he rolls his eyes with the impossibility of it] Thanks!"

So, I am very helpful when there are car needs.

Turns out (after he tried re-adjusting it by hand for WAAAAAY too long) that it was a different kind of caliper thingy that can only be adjusted with a 'C' clamp. So a call back to that friend to borrow his 'C' clamp, another scrubbing session (with me faithfully trailing him and wiping down surfaces), and yet another trip later, he was back in action. It was now half past three.

The second set only took him about an hour total. Seriously.

And I am so proud of him that he can do these things for us. Even with the frustration of South African "customer service", and me "helping", and having to leave the house twice in the middle of a job...he didn't give up.

I just wanted you to know how awesome he is.

The End.


  • WendyMom

    You give him a big thumbs up from me!

    I know from watching him install that playset out back that he is a never give up kind of guy! He's the bomb....

    Love you guys :)

  • Brenda

    See? S sends ME to the parts store and I sound like you did on the phone only it's in PERSON to a STORE GUY.

    But I'd like to see him maneauver himself through bra shopping. Ha!

  • JulieMom

    Wendy- I'll let him know for sure.

    Brenda- I'd kinda like to see that myself! LOL!

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