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Monday, January 11, 2010

Sewing is fun!!

For a while at least. I knocked out a few clothes for the girls this morning, and I feel good about it. They are THRILLED that mommy is making them awesomely cute things, (even though my hems are not always perfectly straight...) but I must admit I can only do so much in one day. I am tired for now.

It must have something to do with all the ironing involved.

Here is the tutorial for the shirts, here is the tutorial for the headbands, and here is the tutorial for the skirt. So easy!!

Cinderella in her skirt and matching headband.

Snow White in her shirt and matching headband.

Sleeping Beauty in her shirt and matching headband.

I did a ribbon hem instead of the regular folded hem on the shirts, but in the picture Snow White's wasn't done yet. Hers has brown ribbon, and it looks so cute!

I have yet to make anything from this tutorial, but it's next on my list. I also have pillow cases to hem since I bought the wrong size, (and it's making the Prince crazy to constantly fold and tuck them under) and then I'd like to make some things for my nieces.

Anyone have links to cool things to make for boys? I have nephews too and don't want to leave them out. Sewing is way more fun than I realized. I just wish I'd been interested when my Nan was alive. She was a phenomenal seamstress (made my prom dress junior year!) and I could have learned a lot. I'd be super good at it now, and would have wonderful memories of spending time together.

But alas, my tomboy-ness made me uninterested. That, and the ironing and patterns...

Don't we all have things we wished we'd have done? At least I'm getting to it now. And I can teach my girlies so they can make things for themselves. Sleeping Beauty's birthday is one week away, and she's asked for a sewing kit. I have no idea what she means by that, but maybe I'll buy her a little embroidery kit or something.

Start 'em young I say...and enjoy the time I have to teach them!


  • karly

    Okay, after this comment, I'm going to the tutorials. Because my oldest only wears skirts!! :)

    And, you could get a little sewing basket and fill it with all different notions, I suppose. She could have her own needles and thread and measuring tape and...., oh I don't know!

    Thanks for sharing! I'm inspired!

  • Just Jenny

    Cute stuff!

    I know boys are harder! I made a car cozy for my little guy for Christmas. And fabric napkins out of construction material. I wrote about it on my blog.
    That is about it so far on neat stuff for boys.
    I see tons of cute stuff for boy babies not for older. Wish there was a good place to go for ideas...

  • Brenda

    Drawstring bags made of camo. Or denim. For collecting rocks and stuff. Great for boys!

  • JulieMom

    Thanks for the ideas ladies!! I'll be checking those out soon, and will do a google search for 'boy stuff to sew'.

    You're always so helpful!

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