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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh Brother. Life Strikes Again!!

So the laptop is officially dead. I've tried everything I found on line to revive it, all to complete and utter uselessness.

Oh well. This may be God's way of telling me I like my laptop too much.


So, with the death of the laptop, I have also lost ALL my bookmarks.

All. Of. Them.

And that is a sad day, ladies. Do you know how many cooking sites, blog sites, sewing sites, crafting sites, etc that I had bookmarked? In beautiful alphabetical order?


So, I am begging you to show mercy to me and give me all your favorite bookmarks for, um, everything. You can leave them in the comments, or if there are a million and you don't want to go that route, email them to me. (Assuming you have my email address)

I would love any and all help here, as I am floundering. I hate this losing of the stuff. And I wish there were a way that Google would save my bookmarks when I am signed in my user name, but they don't. I think that stinks.

Do you hear me Google- [cupping hands around mouth] YOU STINK!!

[fold hands demurely in lap]

Ok, I feel a little better now. Hopefully you don't think less of me.


  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    I think I like my laptop too much, too.

    You know, I don't have very many bookmarks. Wonder how that could be?

  • karly

    Try http://delicious.com/

    On there, you can save bookmarks, and it is internet based, so you can get them from any computer. Plus, you can import/sync your bookmarks from your computer to your delicious bookmarks.

    And, I'll be getting you some bookmarks soon I hope.

    Big hugs to you. I don't KNOW what I would do if I lost mine. I think you are handling it much better than I would.

  • impromptu-mom

    So Sorry!

    I'm rushed this morning, but I promise a HUGE list tonight!

  • Cheryl

    I know how you feel. I was there myself around Christmas when our hardrive died. I had school reports(only a few thankfully) and my sons computer school along with lots of other things that were lost. I learned my lesson and my husband came home after we got our laptop back with a flash drive for me! it's become my best friend! :o)


  • JulieMom

    Thank you ladies!! There is hope on the horizon, lol. The Prince just informed me that our friend is (as we speak) extracting ALL the files off my old hard drive.

    What a blessing!!

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