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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jillian Michaels is Trying to Kill Me

This morning I was determined that I would use the DVDs I bought some *muffled garble years* ago, so I woke at 5:30 AM and dressed to work out. I then went through the house and opened windows to let the cool breeze in, because I knew I would be sweaty and most likely, stinky. Then I stretched for ten seconds (I'm hardcore like that), took a deep breath, and put in the DVD.

Can I just start by saying that Jillian is not my style? First of all there's her clothing, which is a tad skimpy. And she kept fixing the top of her pants, to make them lower. Which ended up putting the top of them juuuust below her pelvic bones. This is not a workout I would do with my hubby. Ever.

Then there's her personality. I'm not a fan. She's the kind of woman who (seems to) like making men look bad. She challenged the men in this video waaaaay more than the women. One woman she didn't even talk to once. That, to me, is not cool.

Anyway, to the actual exercising...nowhere on the box does it say that the workout is aerobic. I'm serious. It does say that Jillian will help you burn "twice the calories". Right before you start to exercise, she explains she will be working lower to upper and back and forth to keep the blood shunting between those regions of your body. This helps you burn twice the calories (so she claims). The only way to do this is through constant aerobic movement.


Did I mention I have asthma?

Probably you can tell this is only going downhill from that statement.

I did make it through about ten minutes before I felt like passing out, so I suppose that's commendable. And of course right after I sat down she said "Don't you DARE stop on me. You bought this DVD, you obviously want to take this step, so get back up!!"

I wanted to punch the screen, right on her big mouth. But I couldn't get up.

Or breathe.

So, I glared at Jillian for the rest of it, panted, and then turned it off. I did my own exercises for abs that I used to do at the gym many moons ago, then some leg lifts and other stuff. I am very technical.

My question to you is this: what exercise videos have you used in the past (or present) that you love and where the trainer isn't trying to kill you? I need some advice. Because I will not be doing this video again. Maybe when I get to the States I'll have a giveaway and Jillian can try to kill someone else for a while.

Leave me your best advice please!!


  • Brenda

    Walk Away the Pounds with Leslie Sansone. She's nice. And she smiles a lot and talks to everyone. :) I really liked it. A sweet blog reader sent it to me back during our FF days. She had been blessed with a Wii and had heard me whine so much about not having a gym membership etc. I used it until we got our Wii but I still like it. Here's a clip of her to see about the punching her in the mouth factor before you get one of her videos. That's important.

    Also, on the video I have she always give a "lesser" movement you can do if you are getting tired.

  • WendyMom

    I'm with you, Brenda, 100%! I was going to leave the same comment- Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds- she has a one, two and three mile walk where you do the mile in 15 minutes, so it's aerobic, but not killer. She also incorporates arm exercises in the walk so you get a pretty good full body workout. The other thing I like is that all the people have clothes on! Yah! I don;t have to turn it off when the kids come in the room.

    Just an aside, at my weight watchers meeting someone mention that on the Time Warner Cable we have there is an exercise on demand channel. I was so excited to see what I could try out on there- until I saw some of the classes. Since when is "Pole Dancing with Carmen Electra" an exercise?!? Maybe a second career...but not an exercise! I had to block the channel because of all the filth on it- too bad.

    Good luck to you- I'm starting again in the morning at the gym- so wish me luck. Skype today?

  • Giovanna

    That's hilarious! Jillian has tried to kill me as well. Welcome to the club!
    She seems like one of those people who it pains her to smile genuinely.

    I don't work out anymore so I can't help you there.

  • Victoria

    I actually used Jillian's "30-day Shred" for several months. I really enjoyed it (most of the time). She is definitely rough around the edges, but, after a while, I just turned down the volume and listened to my iPod. No men in that one - so she was always very encouraging:)

    I go to the gym now - like it better as it gives me more variety. And, I can watch the nice news people on the morning news. They're not trying to kill me. :)

  • Heather

    I don't know if this is really what you're looking for, but I use Minna Lessig's "Total Body Toning." It's a dvd that lets you customize what kind of workout you want to do (abs, upper body, lower body, etc), and then randomized the excercises (which only last for one minute apiece, hence the name) so you don't get bored doing the EXACT same routine every day. Anyway, you might like it. It's not hard core, but anything is better than nothing! :-)

    By the way, this is Heather, (Jeff Stutzman's wife) missionary to the Philippines. I've been following your blog for a while now. :-)

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