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Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Busy Weekend

I sent my two oldest away from me for the first time this weekend. They went to Word of Life camp. It was only for three (well two and a half really) days, but it felt like a long time! I will share more about that another time.

Thursday I finally found magnets to use for a closure to the tote bags I make. I had received an order for a bag, and was trying to find magnets before I started making it. Then the lady sent me an sms (text message to you Americans) asking if I knew when her bag would be ready. I hastily told her "tomorrow". I AM A FOOL! I forgot we had plans at a friend's house for dinner that night, so when we got home I started sewing. I finished at 1 AM, thankful that the bag was done.

Friday morning the lady came to fetch it about half past eight. She loved it, I was happy, and turned around to finish getting my kids ready for camp. By ten thirty they were on their way. I came inside, cleaned the house, played with Snow White who is too little for camp, and then the Prince and I geared up for the legal marriage ceremony of a couple in our church. We had to be there by two. and after that was Bible Club. Our first wedding! With all the communication issues, we weren't sure they were going to show up, but they did. Whew!

I had promised to make them a cake for the wedding, and didn't want to start on it until I was sure they were going to show, and since we usually get home a little late from Bible Club, I stated baking after six PM. It continued until the wee hours, and concluded with the getting up at half past five on Saturday to decorate. And make and decorate thirty six cupcakes.

Saturday we were at the wedding around noon, stayed all day, helped clean up a little, and got home by five thirty I believe. I did some studying for Sunday morning, can't remember what we ate for dinner, or if we ate, then went to bed.

Sunday started off cool and breezy, but soon became hot when we were in our new room at the school. Small windows, no draft. Next week we're bringing a fan or two. Church was uneventful for the most part. No issues, except the Prince forgot the cable that connects the projector to the laptop at the friends' house Fri night, so we did it the old fashioned way and just used our Bibles. Imagine that! It was so good to see a pretty big number for Christmas season. Usually everyone is gone by now, but we still had over thirty. A few ladies wanted some earrings, and one wants a bag, so that was nice.

The Prince, Snow White and I went to the mall, ate hot dogs for lunch (which I NEVER do) and while I did a little grocery shopping, the Prince took the little one downstairs to play on the astroturf. It's actually very nice. It just sounds weird. It made her whole day.

On the way out we got ice cream for her, and Boost smoothies for ourselves. (Splurge!) Driving home was fine, until we came to our town. Apparently it had been raining for over an hour straight. Not drizzling, but full-out thunderstorm downpour! Then the hail started. It hailed for such a long time that it looked like snow in our back yard!

Snow White put on all her winter stuff, and headed out when the lightning and thunder stopped. She played outside for quite a long time. She even had an ice flinging fight with the neighbor boy. When she came back in I had hot cocoa waiting for her, while I prepped making homemade pizza for the return back home of the other two sisters.

They got home safe and sound, talked and talked and talked until bedtime and then some, and passed out on their beds. I snuggled up with a book in my own bed, and promptly fell asleep. It was before nine if I remember correctly.

So there was absolutely NO work done on Christmas things. But we had a nice weekend anyway. How was yours?


  • Brenda

    I'm tired just reading that!!!!

    Ours was stressful but not really busy. Went to S's work Christmas party, church, out to eat. Didn't get much done on Christmas presents either.

    How were you using the fan on Sunday morning and then serving hot chocolate to your daughter later?

  • JulieMom

    It was the weirdest weather ever! Like the sky can't make up it's mind. This morning was like that too. Started out cold enough for turtle necks, then the sun came out and we were sweaty.

    Definitely not normal for December!!

  • Giovanna

    Talk about not normal weather, we've had snow on Friday then 80 degree on Monday!

    What an exhausting weekend! That's the official welcome to the holidays for ya : )

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