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Sunday, December 20, 2009

One Last Gift

I almost forgot my plan to make something for our friend's son for Christmas. See, he's into skateboarding, and I have NO idea what kinds of things that entails (other than helmets and kneepads), me not being that big into it myself, lol. So I thought I could make him something to hang up in his room.


Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but I had this idea that I could buy a blank canvas, find some clip art images on Google, spruce them up a bit in Paint.NET, use the projector to get them up on the wall...

Well let me just show you what I did...

I stuck the canvas on the wall and projected the images onto it.
Then I traced the outlines with a pencil.

[insert imaginary photo of canvas with only outlines here. Thank you.]

Then I used acrylic craft paint to fill them in. That's it!

It took about an hour of my time, and I think it's something he will really love and appreciate. At least I hope it is!

You could use any image you want, and project it onto the canvas (assuming you or someone who's willing to share has a projector). Then you can do what I did by outlining, and fill in with any color. I'm thinking I could easily do this with girly art too. And all the supplies cost me less than eight dollars.

With plenty of paint to spare for future projects.

What are your ideas for this method of "cheater painting"?


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