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Friday, December 04, 2009

I'm "SEW" Crazy!

Well, let me just tell you about the last few days at my house, shall I? Remember how I decided I would make a lot of gifts for Christmas? And that a lot of those would be sewn? When I had this bright idea, I didn't own a sewing machine. I knew the church in Chloorkop owned two, and that I could use one. So that was covered.

THEN I found out I couldn't bring one home until all the college students were gone. Why is this a problem when Christmas is still 21 days away? Because I had the bright idea that I would join our friends in making things to sell at the Urban Market this month.


I am a fool.

So I had a deadline of everything I wanted to sell being finished by Dec. 5th. Which is now tomorrow. So I made like a hundred little headbands, and decided I also wanted to sell some earrings and handbags.

Yes, handbags.

What do you mean bags with linings are a little challenging for a newbie sew-er?

And what do you mean that seam-ripping could take up to two days' worth of time if I make a lot of mistakes?

Again, I'm not sure I'm understanding you, but when you say my new sewing machine should sew the stitches on top of the fabric so I can see them, and my machine doesn't, does that mean something's wrong with it?

So many questions that no one answers.


But I decided to press on, and do my very best. There are some great helps online for people like me who hate to sew with a pattern. I prefer much more to just measure, cut, and sew. And that's just what I did.

Here are the bags I made in the past two days, all the while keeping up with cleaning, and cooking, and school, and church...BUSY!
And I must admit I was a tad crabby. But the family has graciously tolerated me, and the girls begged after ever single bag for me to let them have that one. No, that one! No- I like that one best!

So, what do you think? Did I do okay for a newbie? They all have a lining, some have pockets on the outside, and I got really daring and put a border around some.

Let me have it. After the busy days I've had, trust me, I can take it.


  • Brenda

    Rachel will love me for this---and she is a really good seamstress with her own Etsy shop and everything.....but your bags reminded me of this:


    Yep. Yours look good!!!! :)

  • God Of Bacon

    The God of Bacon send blessings, good tidings, and stuff like that.

  • Great-Granny Grandma

    They look fantastic.

  • karly

    They are SEW cute! :)

    Way to go! Now go sleep!

  • Suzanne - Daughter of the King

    Wow - I want one...do you send to Missouri? Just kidding - but they are lovely and you did a GREAT job. I hadn't stopped over in a bit, I'm so glad I did today!!

    God is just so amazing. We, too, are making gifts this year. And I love that you have your list and are scratching it off. I might borrow that. But then...they might know?!? Although, most don't read my blog. Anyway!!! You've inspired and encouraged me at the very same time!!

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