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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

*waving arms like a hypnotist* You will ignore the laundry in the corner of the photo...you will ignore....

Today after school I surprised the girls with gingerbread houses to make. Well, it wasn't really a surprise since they went with me to buy the candy, and knew I was making gingerbread cutouts of house parts.

But it was a surprise to me that I was actually going through with it.

Anyhoona, it was a lot of fun, but very messy. Little bits of things all over the table, sticky licked fingers, candy everywhere, and who knows what strewn willy-nilly under the table.

It. Was. So. Worth. It.

The girls, the Prince and I had a blast working on them, and they turned out SO cute!

Here are some photos. If you're interested in the recipes I used, let me know and I'll post them. I hope you get your creative juices flowing and make some of your own! Highly festive, helping everyone get in the mood for Christmas, and they make your house look so cute! Now I just need to find an unobtrusive place to keep them.

But I think the garage is out.

We covered cardboard (the backs of construction paper packets) with wrapping paper to make bases for the houses. Otherwise, where would they sit? Portability was a MUST!
Then I started covering ice cream sugar cones with frosting (using a star tip) to make trees.
Next up came the beginning construction. I also used the star tip for this to make thicker ine of glue. It helps adhere better. And it looks "snowy".

Then decorating!!
The house Sleeping Beauty and I worked on.

Cinderella's solo venture.

Snow White and the Prince spruced up this one.

And the kids actually fell into bed, sugar high and all. I gave them a limit on what they could eat, but there were a lot of "turning to the side to avoid Mom's radar" moments, so who knows how much they ingested.

Are you planning any gingerbread makings?


  • Giovanna

    I love making gingerbread houses! Yall's are so cute. We make some last year and overnight the constant line of un-killable sugar ants in my kitchen were all over them. We decided against it this year.

  • karly

    How cute! These turned out great!

    We *may* make houses, except not out of gingerbread, but with graham crackers and small orange juice cartons. Yeah, hard to imagine, but they turn out cute! :)

  • Terry @ Breathing Grace

    We made a ginger bread house. It turned out pretty good!

  • Erin

    You obviously have girls!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, my boys DESTROY gingerbread houses every year! I CANNOT believe how great these look!

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