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Friday, December 18, 2009

Almost Done!

I am finally almost done with Christmas crafting. With all the ambitious projects I wanted to crank out this year (half of which I needed a sewing machine for and didn't own one!) I am catching up to the finish line.

And it feels good!

We are going out of town on Monday. If I can get the other two pillowcase dresses/tunic tops sewn and the tote bags done, I'll be golden.

I realize that is a HUGE "if", because tomorrow (Saturday) I need to bake something to share at church because it's the last Sunday before Christmas, and then Sunday is, well, a VERY busy day for us. But I am hoping to crank tonight and finish up everything.

Actually, as soon as this posts I am headed off to lock myself back in the bedroom and get to work. [whip cracks]

Here are the pictures of the wall names (finally Brenda!) and the one dress I've finished.

And I promise the names look cuter in person. I'm not sure what is going on with the camera. Maybe because it was too hot to work with the lights on and I used a flash? Or maybe it's the angle of the top and bottom one. Sia's looks pretty cute actually.

Making these made me realize that my decoration choices were limited to pretty much butterflies and flowers. Oh, and a few hearts thrown in for good measure. Are we girly or what?

That makes total:
Mosaic Banks
Metal Trinket Boxes
Wall Names
Pillowcase Dresses
Tote Bags
Stocking Stuff

I think they're set for Christmas and beyond. Although they did ask me about buying gifts for each other like we did last year. I need to ask the Prince about that. I'm thinking that's a "No" this time around. Enough is enough, and they've got plenty!!

How are your gifts coming? Making your own? Everything bought? I want to hear!


  • karly

    Well, good for you! Those name signs look fantastic! I'm so impressed! :)

    As for me, as much as I wanted to *make* this year, I didn't. It just got too busy, and blah, blah, blah. Next year looks promising, though! And I have a great Mother's Day gift... stay tuned!

    Again, way to go, JulieMom!!

  • Brenda

    You have done SO great!!! The names look awesome. How are you going to wrap those? And the pillowcase dress is cute. All the frustration was worth it.

    And have your girls make coupons for each other. Good for: "Making your bed for you one morning", helping you with school work", "doing 1 chore for you", "playing a game of your choice" etc.

  • Suzanne - Daughter of the King

    JulieMom! - I was led similarly to create for Christmas. I had to shorten my list as I got a little off track on other obligations - but I must say - I've been encouraged by your posts. And I realized I must plan better for next year! Thank you for sharing all of your great ideas. I LOVE the dress too!!

  • Giovanna

    Love it Julie! They look great !

  • JulieMom

    Thank you ladies!

    Karly- Haha!! There is ALWAYS next year. Unless of course the rapture happens...but no guilt!

    Brenda- I DID have them make those. Thank you for the idea! They turned out SO cute. I just hope they will do it when the coupon is presented...

    Suzanne- I am so glad you are encouraged by what you see here, and not scared off, lol.

    Giovanna- Thank you!!!

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