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Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Recipe Party- Day One (Mains)

Welcome to the first day of the Holiday Recipe Party!! I am so excited about this, and I'm hoping for some help so I can have the best Thanksgiving we've ever had.

Let's get some of the technical stuff out of the way first, shall we?

If you are planning to participate, then at the bottom of this post you will see a Mr. Linky box where you can add your post to the list, and people can visit and see what delicious food you will be making for the holidays.

Now, to do this requires two things: first of all that you write a post related to the topic at hand. This means you don't get distracted by mashed potatoes, or cake, the weather, or some medical ailment you or someone you love is suffering from. Stick to main dishes, ok?

And secondly, that you link only to the post, not your general blog address. Not sure how? Well, after you publish your post, right click on the title and click 'copy link location' from the list. Then, and only then, come back here and right click the box below that says 'Your URL', then click paste. It will put your link to the applicable post in the box. Okay? We can do this!!

Now onto the fun!

Today's topic is main dishes. Here in South Africa they're called Mains. Your won't find entrees in the menu. But it's the same thing.

Traditionally for Thanksgiving, the main dish is a turkey. Whether this is an homage to what they really ate that day so long ago in America's history, or if it is to honor Benjamin Franklin's choice for the national bird. And I am not making that up!

This year I am not responsible for the turkey portion of the dinner. And I am so thankful! The last two times I tried to cook a turkey, it was underdone, and looked nasty. So I am betting I did something wrong, since my Nana always made a beautiful and delicious bird in an electric roaster. I have a cousin who deep fries theirs and swears it is to die for.

It's just one of those things I'm not good at cooking. And I don't really care to try again. I'll let someone else handle that.

This year I am not going to be traditional. I love bucking the system. Making people walk into a house that smells like cabbage and beef, and wondering if they've entered the Twilight Zone. But once they get a taste of my New England Boiled Dinner, they forget it's supposed to be turkey they're eating, and I think they secretly are glad.

Now, I cannot sing the praises of a crock pot enough. It's the main reason I can cook so many things so well. There's nothing I love more than being able to set everything in a pot and not think about it the rest of the day. An amazing feeling, really.

So, maybe you're wondering just what I'm talking about since you've never heard of this divine food. Well it consists of corned beef (my favorite kind), potatoes, carrots, cabbage (another favorite), turnips (if you can find them).

Maybe what I ought to do is go ahead and post the recipe, hey? Alrighty.

New England Boiled Dinner (Crock Pot style)

3 lbs corned beef
6 carrots, chunked
6 potatoes, chunked
1 med head cabbage, chunked
3C water
6 turnips quartered (optional- SA does not have these)

1. Place corned beef and water in the crock. Scatter the veggies around it so they're not too squished, if you can. Cook on low for six hours. Serve hot.

Can it get any easier? I've read recipes where you cook the meat for a while first, watch for the crock to steam, then remove the meat and add the veggies, then put the meat back on top....blah blah blah.

I have made this before using my very own simple and easy method, with fantastic results. And just so you don't freak out, corned beef stays pink no matter how long you cook it. It will not have a "well done" color to it, so don't worry. It may almost look red. But I guarantee that after cooking six hours in the crock pot it can't be anything but done.

This is a great main dish for a meal, and if you wanted to exclude all the veggies because you're planning to make other delicious ones, then go ahead. This recipe is really set up for a fabulous Sunday dinner to come home to.

Love this food.

Love. It.

So now it's your turn. Share the best you've got for a main dish that will make all our holidays better!


  • Giovanna

    I love corned beef! Yum! We rarely eat turkey for the holidays. Italians have a feast of the 7 fishes that takes place instead. : )

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