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Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh The Creativity!!

The kids were playing outside for most of the afternoon yesterday, since they finished school before lunch again [which hadn't happened since the second week of school, just so you know. But we've been starting earlier, thus finishing earlier.] and they had a spark of inspiration.

I told them how my Sis and I used to turn our bikes upside-down and pretend we were making cotton candy. They loved that idea, and so they proceeded to do just that. Then Cinderella had the idea that if they lined all the bikes up, and let their tires touch, it would be like gears, and look like a REAL factory.

Hence, the ice-cream-cotton candy-bread-cake-sugar-filled-treat factory was born!

I tried to upload video, but Blogger wouldn't let me. It looked cool though, trust me!

They also played outside with their water squirters, and we found this interesting caterpiller.
He looked dangerous, so we didn't touch him. (And Snow White shared a terrifying story about them she said her teacher on BJU told her...but I'm not so sure.) Then I made smoothies. Yum!

Aren't days like this what summer is all about?


  • Just Jenny

    WOW! the joys of nice weather! Freezing here in Kansas and not ready to venture outside in the rain, a little jealous of your nice weather!!

    Enjoy your day!

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