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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Never Woulda Thought...

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...that getting a vacuum belt in Africa would be a problem. I really didn't!

However, let me explain how things happen here. It's quite opposite of the way things happen in America, regardless of whether it's an American company here or not.

So, on September 3 (this year) I called our appliance store and informed them I needed to order two vacuum belts for my vacuum.

Wait, let me back up.

See, I seem to have a certain knack, a gift if you will, for getting our curtains sucked up into the vacuum. I am so good at this that I have snapped two vacuum belts within a couple months of each other.

The Prince loves it when I do that.

So when I went to the place we purchased the vacuum to pick up another belt, I noticed there wasn't an area where they had different parts, etc. I thought maybe they kept them in the back and I would just have to ask someone.

Ho-ho. Ha-ha.

When I finally got a person from the appliance department to pay attention to me, he informed me they don't keep extra parts, and he wasn't even sure where I could get a new belt.

WHAT?!? (I said in a somewhat controlled manner)

I couldn't believe they would sell a vacuum, but not the basic parts required to keep it working. What good was the three year warranty I bought again? Ugh.

So he gave me the number to call the distributor directly. They gave me the number to a store that is no longer in business. Then I called them again and they had no idea how to help me. THIS WAS THE DISTRIBUTOR OF THE PRODUCT!

Needless to say I was frustrated.

So I went to our local appliance store, asked them if they could order, they assured me they could, and proceeded to do just that. They gave me a reference number, told me when I could expect it to arrive, and how much it would cost. All was good. It arrived when it was supposed to, and was exactly the price they quoted me.

Then I broke it again.

When I called this time, (September 3) I was given no reference number, and was informed the manufacturer was out of the product. This surprised me, but I was not too disappointed. The man assured me he would call when they became available.

I called him two weeks later, and couldn't get the same guy. I spoke with a woman who took down my details again (even thought the other man had already, I assumed, written an order form) and promised to call.

Another week later I called back, only to get yet another woman (different than the first) who couldn't find a record of my order. I was beyond frustrated at this point and told her so. My carpets were filthy, and what were they doing to ensure my order was going to be placed and processed?

As I would come to find out, absolutely nothing.

I even went there in person, and the woman apologized profusely, then assured me (hahahahaha!) that she would call the next day with the quote, etc. etc. It was nearly closing time for them when I decided to call. She didn't know what I was talking about, and was not apologetic.

I thought maybe I would go postal if I went there again.

Another week later I decided the Prince forced me to call again. This time I got a totally different person, and when I told her my whole ordeal, she was very apologetic, and said it was terrible service and bad for the reputation.

I heartily agreed.

She proceeded to check all the books, finding no record of my order. (Though when I went in person I saw it in the book with my own eyes, but only with my first name written.) She then told me she was going to call Samsung, and get back to me within ten minutes.

She did exactly that. She also gave me a reference number, the cost, and estimated time of delivery. Which should be today or tomorrow. She also told me she would not be in when they arrived, but gave me the number of another person I could speak with about it.

I was relieved to find it was a different name than the first woman who led me on terribly. I wouldn't have wanted to risk hurting her if I should see her again.

The Prince thinks maybe I am a little too upset over this. I think he just doesn't understand how much a woman needs her vacuum. How could he? I have wanted desperately to clean my house properly (if you know me at all you know how true that is!) and haven't been able to do so.

So, I will wait for the call and see if they have arrived today. If not, then tomorrow. And if I have to call them and it's not there, I may lose my mind. And hurt someone.

Oh, how I miss American customer service!!


  • Brenda

    Well, I understand! Sounds like all the mess I went through when Little Bit broke her arm and we had COBRA and I had to deal with the insurance companies for 13 months afterward. I finally (nearly) yelled at one, "She doesn't even REMEMBER that she broke her arm and you still haven't taken care of this!!!!"

    Oh. Blood pressure issues.

  • Giovanna

    That's funny, on this side of the world, it's funny!
    I totally understand how frustrated you must be. I see two solutions to this, either get rid of the drapes or get hard wood floors! I would opt for the hard wood floors, I love not having carpet anymore! Try not to go postal, it's not good for one's reputation : )

  • Great-Granny Grandma

    I don't know about American customer service. More and more when I call, I get transferred to someone in India, which I find terribly frustrating.

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