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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The 'Find Me' Button

I know our rented house here in SA is small.

The five of us occupy roughly 950 square feet or so.

And this tiny amount of space requires that I be freakishly organized. And I am. But sometimes things have a way of hiding in an illogical place, making them nearly impossible to find. Like this book:
I won it in an online contest, and anxiously awaited our friends bringing it to us. But the day after we first looked through it, it disappeared. We seriously have not seen it since. And I know it never left the house, because neither did we. It must be here somewhere....

I wish I had a button that, when I touched it, would register what item I was thinking in my mind, then bring up a map of the house with a brightly blinking X showing where that item was located.

Think of the possibilities.

Wouldn't this save so much time during the day? When I need to grocery shop, I could press the button while thinking of 'chicken breasts', and if the button couldn't find any, it would go onto my shopping list.

Or the shoes a child can't find when I'm ready to go out on the actual shopping trip would be found in a moment.

Or I could use it to locate dirty clothes that have been shoved under the bed or in the corner behind something else. Then the kids could gather them all up and throw in a load.

But, I would have to strictly limit who could access the machine. I mean, what if the kids got the idea in their head to ask it where their Christmas presents were hiding? Or if a thief broke in and thought of all the loot we own, the machine led them right to it! Not cool.

Maybe I'd have to carry around a pocket edition and never tell another soul I had one.

Unless, of course, you were interested in investing. Then I might sell you one.



  • WendyMom

    Oh my- if YOU can't find something, it must be because there is a black hole somewhere in your home- otherwise there is no hope for the rest of us! LOL!

  • Just Jenny

    That sounds like a cool machine! Although if we had it my husband would hog it and use it for locating his keys every morning. (Even though we have a designated spot for his keys - they never make it there!!!)

  • karly

    Count me interested. :)

  • Giovanna

    The shoe finding would really come in handy here!

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